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documentation not found

Documentation for NodeJS backend gives a 404 error https://github.com/flatlogic/nodejs-backend

Docker command error

I purchase Sofia React with Nodejs Backend. However, when I try to run the backend with docker, building the docker failed with following errors: 117.2 [3/5] Fetching packages... 152.6 error ...

Display Specific Page as Viewable & Add Custom Pages

A user in our community has come up with a great idea: why not make it possible to show a certain page of our apps for anyone to see, with or without having to sign in? Plus, they’re suggesting tha...

Didn't receive the sketch file

Hi, I made the $69 purchase and I'm trying to get a .sketch file. The only thing sent to my email was a download link for the react-native start .zip

Deprecated Libraries in the Template

I found that few library are deprecated or no longer support with latest version of NodeJS ( 14v ) , this is causing serious deployment issues and can cause severe security issues as well. Unfortun...

DB backup. Possibility to download this backup

How about to implementing a database backup feature with the ability for users to download these backups. This user-driven suggestion reflects a proactive approach to data security and the continui...

Dashboard landing page feature

Hey Flatlogic! Wow this is an impressive service you are offering. I followed your LinkedIn post about the Web Application Generator feedback and after testing the e-commerce demo, I believe it wou...

D3 Chart Example

Has anybody got an example of adding a D3 chart to the light blue react template? I know that D3 is included but there doesn't seem to be anything in the documentation around how to use it?

Customer Facing Websites including fully developed home page

Customer Facing Websites including fully developed home page I'm interested in knowing when Flatlogic will implement the functionality to create public-facing websites. Specifically, I am looking ...

Create APP

i try to create one app, but when i stay in phase 3 and click to create an app, the site starts again from the beggining

Could not start the template

Hi flatlogic support team, I've bought your template for $99 { https://flatlogic.com/templates/light-blue-angular }, I received a zip file, and I'm supposed to get a 3 months free access to your...

Could not start the sing-app-angular template

Hi flatlogic support team, I've bought your template { https://github.com/flatlogic/sing-app-angular }, I installed the template exactly like mentioned on the README.md file, The PROBLEM is that...

Connection to GitHub

While purchasing I was shown that I'll get 3 month access to GitHub repository. But after purchasing it asks for extra dollars for connecting with GitHub as well as accessing official GitHub reposi...

classic theme

how can i use the classic theme, i guess is the sing app react , instead of material ui?

Can yarn build but when open build/index.html show blank page

I try to change "homepage" : "." but nothing happens. I running on ubuntu 20.04

Can't Use the React Native Template on my Mac

I've been having this issue with the template where I'm not able to run it on my iOS Devices, I get the error below. "No bundle URL present. Make sure you're running a packager server or have...

Can't start using backend and frontend seems to be the demo

Hello, first of all, I've purchased the "SING APP REACT NODE.JS" (React Admin Dashboard Template with Node.JS Backend) 1) I installed and started the backend following the "user-management-temp...

can't run the template

when i run "yarn install" i have this error : error C:\Dev\SI de la DSI\tmp\flatlogic-sing-app-react\node_modules\node-sass: Command failed. Exit code: 1 Command: node scripts/build.js Argume...

Cannot switch to light theme

I cannot switch to light theme

Cannot install on mac

Getting this error [!] Invalid Podfile file: undefined method `build_type' for #. from /Documents/react-native-starter/ios/Podfile:31 ------------------------------------------- us...

Can not install newly downloaded frontend app

I just purchased the react/material ui template. Backend installed fine, but the frontend does not. I immediately get this error from npm install: npm install npm ERR! code ERESOLVE npm ER...

Can i use this template for Java backend

I can see the available template "REACT MATERIAL UI ADMIN NODE.JS " is with node JS backend. Whereas I already have Java backend ready with me, just I need a React front end for my application

Can I redesign the data model after production?

Hi team, I am not a developer, but trying to use my general IT understanding to use FL as a no-code/low-code tool to create my own MVPs. I did create an app but realized that the data model doe...

Can I export the app that I make? And Self-host?

I want to purchase a license but I want to know if the code that I generate from this platform will be my, I mean Can I export the code and after finish my proyect, cancel the suscription ? And use...

Can I change a deployed project using the AI?

Is there any way to change (or add features) to a current deployed project using the AI chat , or do I have to start over

Can Flatlogic take existing website as input

Can Flatlogic mimic and set up same functionality of an existing website? Am trying to create a yoga site for subscription of users to yoga classes and video library.

button out of position

Good morning, when I start the application, the button to create new elements (products, categories, etc.), the button goes up, reaching the height of the card border


When the side menu is minimized. Submenus are not accessible. I am from Brazil, I hope you understand the problem. https://flatlogic.com/templates/vue-material-template-full

Bought full version, app still says Available in full version

I want to view the screens and really examine how things are done before full committing, to do this i bought the full version to poke around. But all the screens still give me Available in Full ve...

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