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Github access pointless


How can you sell Github access to a project you are not maintaining. This project has dependency errors and uses components that are no longer available. You should not be charging for a piece of code that requires the user to fix it.

Please can provide updates like a normal software project.


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Eugene Stepnov


We are constantly updating our products. Can you please send us an error logs and we try to help you with the issues?

Best, Eugene


It says its not been updated in 340 days and we had to rollback to a node v6 to get it to work. We are now on node v16!

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Hi Merrit,

Sorry for that. But the GitHub access is not an obligated feature, so you can choose whether you want to buy it or not. We also provide a changelog where you can see the frequency of the updates.

With all that said, we are willing to help you. Please send us a request with the description of the issues and we provide you with the solution if it is possible.

Best, Eugene

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