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Admin Panel

Make your own admin panel to fit your company's needs. Select your preferred stack. Choose your favorite stack. Great design included. Host created app in one click.

Why Flatlogic?

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CRUD operations

Admin panel generated with Flatlogic Platform goes with prebuild CRUD operations, so you can manage all your connected or created data.

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Create your own DB model

With help of Flatlogic Platform you can create custom Database model with numerous tables. We provide you easy and UI for database model creation. Additionally you can connect any data source including third-party APIs and databases to admin panel created with Flatlogic.

Explore live demo

Explore the live demo of basic admin panel with CRUD functions, back-end and database created with help of Flatlogic platform literally in minutes.

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Host generated admin panel in minutes

You can host the app instantly with Flatlogic Platform with configured CI/CD, logs and deployment history. Moreover Flatlogic provide you version control with Git integration.

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Generated API

Every Admin Panel built on the Flatlgoic platform includes a built-in REST API. We give a Swagger link with the produced API by default.

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