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Gain the advantages of Low-Code, preserve the advantages of Custom Development, by creating AI-Driven Business Software in just 3 steps. Need customization? You get the code, so either you or our team tailor applications precisely for your business needs.

Flatlogic saves you at least 300 man-hours in software development time (~$15,000)!

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With Flatlogic you:

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Flatlogic products and services are used all over the world, including the following notable companies:

Flatlogic vs Custom Development

Choose Flatlogic and save 250+ hours. We eliminate tedious start-up procedures and maintenance, letting you focus on business growth and innovation. Experience the smartest way to launch your business software.


Custom development

Designing the UI/UX of an application 40 hours
Designing software (Planning if usage third-party tools and APIs, system components) 8 hours
Creating data structure and database design 24 hours
Setup of the build/compilation process 8 hours
Creating charts and widgets 40 hours at a minimum
Developing a back-end service for a simple app. New tables, migrations, models, actions, and services should be created 40 hours
Creating front-end logic 40 hours at a minimum
Polishing front-end UI, making the app responsive 30 hours
Connecting front-end, back-end, and database into one application 10 hours
Testing the application 10 hours
(optional) DevOps work: server installation, setup, management, and orchestration 20 hours
API designing and developing 20 hours
Maintenance and support. Set up monitoring, continue to repair errors and make minor adjustments. Upgrading all dependencies, frameworks Endlessly
In future when new requirements will come, repeat the whole process again. Endlessly

Use cases

Here is what you can use Flatlogic for:


MVP in a Month

Leverage an AI-based generator to automate up to 90% of your MVP development, delivering a custom-tailored, market-ready product in just 30 days, saving you over 250 hours of development time.


Custom ERP

Create a fully customized ERP tailored to your enterprise needs with Flatlogic, where you generate and extend your custom ERP software with the perfect blend of no-code convenience and traditional development scalability.


Custom CRM

Enable rapid creation, customization, and deployment of tailored CRM software. Gain full source code, enrich customer engagement with contact and lead management, and drive sales efficiency with insightful analytics.


AI-Driven Software

Flatlogic accelerates business software development and enhances functionality with AI, offering guided development and post-launch adaptability for dynamic business needs.


Admin Panel

Create your own production-ready admin panel that is tailored to your companyʼs requirements with the preferred technology stack.


Web App Generator

Business web applications built with React, Angular, and Vue, connected to a backend and database, powered with AI, can be easily created using Flatlogic.


Thousands of businesses use Flatlogic platform to simplify web application development. Read some of the stories below to see tech leaders experience with Flatlogic


Just 3 steps!

Describe the software you need directly in our intuitive chat interface. Outline your user stories, workflows, and requirements. Flatlogic's AI takes your input and begins crafting your custom solution on the spot

Select software features that power your business: enable multitenancy for diverse user groups, set advanced roles and permissions for granular access control, customize the data model to fit your unique processes, and choose your tech stack for optimal performance.

That's it! Hit deploy button and have your application ready in the cloud. Instantly, your tailored software begins delivering value, streamlining operations, and driving business growth.

And your software is ready!

Review, download the source code if needed, and deploy! Everything is connected and set up for your convenience, so you could ship features in the fastest way possible. Extend and customize with your team, or let us do it for you.

Need something custom?

Hire our team to build a final business software product for you. Learn how we can deliver a fully-functional MVP in a Month.


We are platform-agnostic. Simply pick the preferred stack.

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Business Software - AI-Driven Solutions Delivered at Speed

Designed for business owners and decision-makers, Flatlogic simplifies the creation of powerful, custom software. Forget the technical complexities—focus on strategic growth as our platform transforms your ideas into operational solutions, fast.

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