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Get ready for Javascript Revolution. We are here to build your next-generation web and mobile applications.

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Leading JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular 2.0 for web and React Native, Ionic for mobile are at the core of our products.

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Web & Mobile App Development

Javascript has taken over the web. We'll bring exceptional expertise to your project whether you are innovative startup or successful enterprise.

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We spread the possibilities of web development by teaching Javascript from fundamentals to the most advanced level both on- and offline.

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Open Source

We believe sharing is the most common human trait. We create our own and contribute to the most notable open-source projects.

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We create and deliver solutions of high aesthetical and engineering quality using the following technologies and platforms.

react js
node js
Javascript Ecmascript 6

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During last two years we have successfully delivered more than 20 custom JavaScript projects to various clients starting from innovative startups (including top-tier ones from Y Combinator and 500 Startups) to established and admired enterprises. Here is a short list of companies using our products and services:


We have been working with Flatlogic for 6 months now and couldn't be happier. With the best intention in mind for customer needs, they seemlessly adapted our workflow and were quick to collaborate with our existing devs much more like an internal team than a group of remote developers.


Altan Sarisin

Managing Director IT & Strategy

MenschDanke GmbH

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Creativity, dynamics, engineering talent and an ability to get things done the way they have to be done - this is what makes us stand out.

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