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Mobile Application

Flatlogic Team has a huge amount of expertise in cross-platform Mobile Development using React Native

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Mobile Development From Scratch

From requirement gathering, creating eye catchy design and building the prototype to the development process itself with a complete transparency.

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During all of the phases, our technical team is always there to provide suggestions and adjustments that will improve your product in a best possible manner. We know what quality and reliability mean for business.

Why work with us?

We are the guys behind React Native Starter - the most popular react native template in the Internet! Does it says something about us? ;)

We can customize React Native Starter as heavily as you need it to match your business and technical requirements;

During development we plan carefully and follow Agile Methodology;

We have been developing mobile applications since 2013, so you are in a good company!

We will estimate your project for free. Initial estimate is fast and is made during a day

Free Project Estimation

React Native Starter

React Native Starter is the most widely used mobile app template built with React Native. It is a powerful starter project that bootstraps development of your mobile application and saves you $20 000. Together with our clients we have built hundreds of apps on top of it.

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Our Clients

Leading companies trust us to design, develop and deploy their mobile applications and to deliver them on time.


Here is an example of a mobile app that we developed using React Native for Schnapppchenfuchs - the most popular German promo deals web site.

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The fastest way to build your mobile app

Learn more about React Native development from our blog and recent projects

According to The Communications Market Report, the number of mobile users is even greater than the number of desktop users and keeps growing. So how do you build fast, reliable, user-friendly and cross-platform mobile app?

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