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Mobile Development From Scratch

We have a history and hundreds of happy clients

We have been developing mobile applications since 2013, so you are in a good company!

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We are the guys behind React Native Starter

React Native Starter is the most popular react native template on the Internet! Does it say something about us? ;

We can customize React Native Starter as heavily as you need it to match your business and technical requirements;

Why work with us?

We develop the AI-powered solution: Business Apps Generator

Flatlogic Business Apps AI-powered generator is the ideal solution for rapid mobile app development.

You simply need to provide your project description, and in just a few minutes, youʼll receive a ready-to-use business app.

Discover how it works here

We provide mobile app development services from scratch

Drawing on our experience with React Native, we offer a full cycle of mobile app development: from requirement gathering and creating eye-catching designs, to building prototypes, all with complete transparency.

Why do you have to choose React Native for your mobile app development?

Backed by Facebook

React Native is backed by Facebook, which ensures regular updates and stability.

Rich Ecosystem

React Native comes with a vast ecosystem of libraries and tools, making it easier to extend the functionality of your mobile app without starting from scratch.

Cross-Platform Development

React Native allows you to write code once and deploy it on both iOS and Android platforms, which can significantly reduce development time and cost.

What does the classic approach to mobile app development look like?

  • Understanding Requirements

  • Planning and Strategy

  • Design Phase

  • Development

  • Feature Integration and Responsiveness

  • Testing and Quality Assurance

  • Launching on App Stores

Boring? Expensive? Long Term?

Imagine, You can avoid this expensive and long term experience!

How does Flatlogic AI Solutions revolutionize the approach to mobile app development?

Applications below were generated in just 5 minutes!


The software includes essential features for e-commerce pros: product listings, virtual shopping carts, secure checkout, and more.

Real Estate CRM

The app includes key features for real estate professionals: property listings, virtual tours, and secure payments.

IOT Dashboard

The software equipped with real-time monitoring, automated management functions, and integrated secure transaction systems.

E-Learning Platform

The software is armed with essential tools for e-learning experts: course management, interactive lessons, and analytics of student's activities.


Transform your email management with FLARE! Automate and optimize your inbox with AI-driven scenarios.

Trusted by the worldʼs finest brands

Flatlogic products and services are used all over the world, including the following notable companies:

What will you get by choosing Flatlogicʼs mobile app development services?

  • You will get ready-to-use AI Powered Solution
  • You will get the team of seasoned mobile app developers with more than 10 years on a market
  • You will get transparency and well-structured processes based on agile principles
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From the first days of our collaboration we are going to be fully focused on building long-lasting relations with your team. Due to the nature of our approaches based on Lean UX, working with us will be like working with a local team - you wonʼt notice the difference.

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