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Web Development

From idea to real product. Bootstrap your business with our smart and extremely intuitive solutions loaded with tons of applied expertise.

Javascript Focused

Fully focused on Javascript

Javascript is a core technology lying behind all of our past and present projects. We decided to become a market niche leader by focusing on a single technology and using it's next-generation web frameworks, rather than spreading ourselves too thin.

Flatlogic is a partner

We are a Partner, Not an Agency

Since first days of our collaboration we are going to be fully focused on building long-lasting relations with your team. Due to the nature of our approaches based on Lean UX working with us will be like working with a local team - you won't notice a difference.

Web Development Services
team built with top talent

Team, built with top talent

Our team consists only of top engineers and designers with proven backgrounds and degrees in related fields from best universities capable of building top-notch solutions using latest industry practices and approaches.

Flatlogic is a partner

Starting up? We will help you with that!

We are going to provide you with a complete team, so you don't need to search for a missing member elsewhere. Thus you can concentrate on being the product owner specifying goals and accepting features.

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