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How to Integrate a Flatlogic App from GitHub into an new Project?

Hi everyone! I have a question about integrating an application from GitHub into an existing project. I'm using an application generated by Flatlogic, but it was created in a different project. ...

For the generated and deployed apps, is the DB reachable from the internet?

Hello, I would like to know if the db of the app deployed by the generator can be reached from the general internet? Connection parameters are available in the settings section as I saw.

In the specification section of an application the order of messages is incorrect

In the specification section of an application, the order of messages is incorrect. They seem to be mixed randomly. Pls. fix by occasion and let us know once it's fixed.

How do I achive that users of a generated application can only see recoreds they created?

Hello, any hints on how I can achieve that users of a generated application can only see records they created? I explicitly told the chatbot when creating the new application to consider it, and i...

How do I delete Applications?

How do I delete Applications from my account?

New forms are not created when schema is adjusted and redeployed

Hi, so I have an unfortunate issue that is affecting my workflow. I was expect that if I add new entities and re-deploy the app that the client forms would be created for the new entities - but it ...

Laravel 10

What are the new features in laravel 10?

Integrate AI-chat on the Description Page

We're exploring the possibility of enhancing user interaction within Flatlogic Generator by integrating an AI-powered chat feature on the Description page. This improvement aims to simplify the pro...

How do I book with a premium code?

I have a 100% promo code but I am not able to reedem it because the 3999$ subscription is above my card limit. How should I solve it?

why is created_by not available for use in our table schemas

Hey, I'm just creating a schema and tried to add a created_by field to my table, but I received a message that created_by is already in use, as per the screenshot. ![Screenshot of issue](https:...

Node.js Backend

CanĀ“t find the category for the node.js backend. I set up the backend as described in the readme. With a little bit trouble with the postgres part everything should be fine now, but i am receivi...

How do I get expo to work with this starter kit?

I ran the following commands "yarn add expo" The project ran, but blank screen after that.

Install realm template React Native Starter

I bought the theme https://flatlogic.com/templates/react-native-starter and now I'm starting my project. But you need to install the realm. I'm giving yarn install realm, but when starting the p...

NOde 12 version is outdated Is your project is on new version

Could you please tell me the your current version node 12 is outdated. Is your project working on new node versions ?

How to change fonts?

I want to change all fonts, where can I do it?

Where is process.env.NODE_ENV set?

Good day Everyone, I have a "Angular / Node.JS / Mysql / Material design" stack running... Standard deployment: app.config.ts const hostApi = process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development' ? 'http:/...

Could not start the sing-app-angular template

Hi flatlogic support team, I've bought your template { https://github.com/flatlogic/sing-app-angular }, I installed the template exactly like mentioned on the README.md file, The PROBLEM is that...

classic theme

how can i use the classic theme, i guess is the sing app react , instead of material ui?

404 after add new item in menu

Hello, I cleaned the theme, no problem that's work I added few items in the menu but when I click on it I get a 404. I compared with the original theme but to me all are ok in ; module defini...

How will I be able to access database and make changes in it?

First of all, I am not clear which database is used in this template (). Is it PostGRESQL or MySQL? How will I be able to make changes in the database? Note that I have access to GitHub Repositor...

Connection to GitHub

While purchasing I was shown that I'll get 3 month access to GitHub repository. But after purchasing it asks for extra dollars for connecting with GitHub as well as accessing official GitHub reposi...

How will I be able to deploy my application?

How can I deploy this application, the documentation doesn't provide the exact steps. Also, I have downloaded the frontend+backend code. But how will I connect and access database with it? If a...

How do i install laravel backend

Hi! I have bought the "Vue Material Laravel Template" and in my purchases-list i found a download link. behind that, i can download the "material-vue-full-v1.0.8" archive. in the documentation i ...

documentation not found

Documentation for NodeJS backend gives a 404 error https://github.com/flatlogic/nodejs-backend

Can i use this template for Java backend

I can see the available template "REACT MATERIAL UI ADMIN NODE.JS " is with node JS backend. Whereas I already have Java backend ready with me, just I need a React front end for my application

The image when clicked in Gallery page is not changed when sorted

The image when clicked in Gallery page is not changed when sorted by either descending. For example Picture A becomes last picture when sorted. When i click the first picture, It still shows Pictur...

User management page

hy, i've managed to install and run sing app react with node.js backend on a mysql db:)). i cand register from the front-end form just fine even with google account. My question is, on the User...

Available Open-Source Licensing

Are you willing to license the open-source "Angular Material Admin" repository under an MIT license? https://github.com/flatlogic/angular-material-admin If not are there other open-source lice...

Unable to set up the code

We are unable to set up the code login is not working Something went wrong RepositoryNotFoundError: No repository for "Users" was found. Looks like this entity is not registered in current "defau...

D3 Chart Example

Has anybody got an example of adding a D3 chart to the light blue react template? I know that D3 is included but there doesn't seem to be anything in the documentation around how to use it?

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