How do I achive that users of a generated application can only see recoreds they created?


Hello, any hints on how I can achieve that users of a generated application can only see records they created? I explicitly told the chatbot when creating the new application to consider it, and it was confirmed. But in the built application everybody can see everboyies records. Here the relevant part of the chat:


USers may only see and edit channels and videos they created June 10, 2024 10:20 robot

Flatlogic AI

Understood. The general users will have permissions to view and edit only the channels and videos they have created, while the admin will have oversight of the entire system. Before we proceed with more detailed questions, are you ready to continue with the next set of inquiries? It's recommended to get a comprehensive understanding of your requirements.

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Hi! As I understand - you want users of your generated application to only see records they created. While there is no direct feature for this, you can achieve similar functionality through multi-tenancy. By assigning each user to a separate organization, they will only be able to see and manage records within their organization, effectively limiting visibility to only the records they create.


Also I have already thought about that as a workaround. But I would like to request to have this added to the roadmap ;-)

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