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This topic contains questions and answers related to Angular Templates - Admin templates made with Angular and Bootstrap. If you have trouble launching Angular Templates or have any feedback feel free to raise a question - this place is the fastest way to receive a response from our team or community.

How do I design my own forms

I want to design my own forms by drag and drop of text box, dropdown and all. Where can I do that?

Where is process.env.NODE_ENV set?

Good day Everyone, I have a "Angular / Node.JS / Mysql / Material design" stack running... Standard deployment: app.config.ts const hostApi = process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development' ? 'http:/...

Image-editor files

Do you have other image-editor file for the template other than Sketch? Psd?

Impossible to do an http request from the template

Hello, Something make me crazy. The code I give is wotking in a sample project but not when the same code is implemented in the template. I get this error : core.js:6210 ERROR Error Code: u...

Impossible to start project

Hello, I get the code from GitHub, installed latest version of Angular and Yarn. I get the packages no problem. But when I do a 'yarn start' I get this error below (error1). Then I take the .zip...

Starter-Project available ?

Hello, Is it possible to get a 'Starter-Project' means the global structure some items in the menu like 'Dashboard' a 'Blank page' znd not all the rest ? To avoid to take time and time to clean ...

UI Issues

We have updated angular version (12.1.1) after upgrade we have two issues in the UI Template. 1. API Calling Issue When we tried to call the API from the template, it gave "Invalid URL DOM...

Available Open-Source Licensing

Are you willing to license the open-source "Angular Material Admin" repository under an MIT license? If not are there other open-source lice...

button out of position

Good morning, when I start the application, the button to create new elements (products, categories, etc.), the button goes up, reaching the height of the card border

404 after add new item in menu

Hello, I cleaned the theme, no problem that's work I added few items in the menu but when I click on it I get a 404. I compared with the original theme but to me all are ok in ; module defini...

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