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This topic contains questions and answers related to Vue Templates - Admin dashboard themes built with Vue framework. If you have trouble launching Vue Templates or have any feedback feel free to raise a question - this place is the fastest way to receive a response from our team or community.

Inquiry Regarding Vue3 Themes/Templates for Payment Gateway and Exchanges

Hi there, I'm Sue from SparkMinds J.S.C. After reviewing your profile on Envato Market (themeforest), we are interested in exploring if you have additional themes/templates related to Payment Ga...

What is difference between Ionic Vue and Vue.js?

I am working Ionic Vue project. I want to know the difference between Ionic Vue and Vue.js.

I am working on Vue.js, Three.js, and Django project.

I downloaded the full project from DigitalOcean. But the project is not installing well on my end. Have you ever worked with these?

Need help undetstanging Light Blue Vue

Is there documentation anywhere that describes the way the template uses Bootstrap for basic layout? I am an intermediate developer, but there are so many libraries used in this template, my head ...

How do i install laravel backend ? : Vue Material Laravel Template

I think I ran into the same problem as Steppenwulf99. * I have bought the "Vue Material Laravel Template" Where an...

I miss ordered template

I want to react light blue vue template but I ordered this. could I change vue to react template?

the Vuejs Dashboard - calendar - mouse over event is throwing an error

the Vuejs Dashboard - calendar - mouse over event is throwing this error: [Vue warn]: Unknown custom element: v-popover-row - did you register the component correctly? For recursive component...

Where can i find the documentation to set up this frontend including the backend correctly?

Hey, just bought this "template" including the backend. setting up the frontend isn´t the problem but setting up the backend i dont know how to in best case. :) Would be very nice if you can tel...

Cannot switch to light theme

I cannot switch to light theme

Where to put the license key?

I bought the mentioned template and received a license key but dont know where to use it? Its not documented or i can´t it. everytime i start my environment i receive this warning: warning .....

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