What is difference between Ionic Vue and Vue.js?

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Johan Sebasthian Diaz Parra

I am working Ionic Vue project. I want to know the difference between Ionic Vue and Vue.js.

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Philip Daineka mod


Ionic Vue and Vue.js are related but different technologies used for building web applications.

Vue.js is a popular JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. It provides a simple yet powerful model for building the structure, behavior, and presentation of data-driven web applications. Vue.js focuses on the view layer, making it easy to integrate with other libraries or projects. It offers a component-based system for creating reusable UI elements and simplifying the overall app development process.

Ionic Vue, on the other hand, is a combination of the Ionic framework and Vue.js. The Ionic framework is a UI toolkit for building high-quality, cross-platform native and web applications. It provides a set of pre-built UI components, animations, and interactions that follow the platform-specific design guidelines (such as Material Design for Android and Human Interface Guidelines for iOS).

By integrating Vue.js with the Ionic framework, Ionic Vue enables developers to create hybrid mobile applications using the familiar Vue.js syntax and features while leveraging the power of Ionic's pre-built UI components and native app capabilities, such as accessing device features like camera or GPS.

In summary, Vue.js is a standalone JavaScript framework for building web applications, while Ionic Vue combines the Vue.js framework with the Ionic UI toolkit to build high-quality, cross-platform web and native mobile applications.

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Johan Sebasthian Diaz Parra

Just one question.

Ionic Vue is only for Mobile Web App?

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Melissa Wimmer

I have the same geometry dash online question.


Ionic Vue provides Vue-optimized mobile and web components for creating lightning-fast mobile, browser, and desktop applications.

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