Schema help to support 3 types of app users and permissions based on membership levels

Hello, I'm working on the schema of an app that I need 3 types of users and membership levels. USERS - How can I accomplish this? 1. Main app customer (has a workspace, has CRUD access to seve...

AI app generator and incorporating a purchased template

I guess I don't understand the process. Can I use the generator to build my schema and initial application and then purchase a template to replace the frontend and backend that was generated? Also ...

Looking to Hire Mobile App Developers

We are looking to hire mobile app developers who can build a custom app for our start-ups. If anyone has suggestions then feel free to let us know.

For the generated and deployed apps, is the DB reachable from the internet?

Hello, I would like to know if the db of the app deployed by the generator can be reached from the general internet? Connection parameters are available in the settings section as I saw.

Is there an example of a perfect schema?

Feeding the AI a "perfect" schema for my app would probably help not having these fatal ERROR at the end of the build (which doesn't even finish). Can I have an example of a "perfect" schema I c...

List of prompts to be used with the AI to build apps

As you already used prompts to buil production ready apps, you have already experienced them and it will be saver time. Thank

How to use CRM?

I got to know about CRM from website. Since then I want to know how to use a CRM?

Admin dashboard for our system with website for users/clients

Hi, I'm new to this platform and I'm just exploring the entire platform to learn things around because I'm looking for a platform that could help me and my workmates in creating a system for our Lo...

How do I book with a premium code?

I have a 100% promo code but I am not able to reedem it because the 3999$ subscription is above my card limit. How should I solve it?

Can I export the app that I make? And Self-host?

I want to purchase a license but I want to know if the code that I generate from this platform will be my, I mean Can I export the code and after finish my proyect, cancel the suscription ? And use...

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