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Here you can browse and ask questions on our react, vue, angular, react native and bootstrap templates and admin dashboards. If you are facing trouble using our templates - feel free to raise your question here. Your participation is highly appreciated!

Flatlogic Guest Post Program

Hello, I hope you are doing well. Guys, please agree on guest post topics, the ideal topic would be about something about email marketing. Also, do those pages have blog guidelines, what is the ...

Unable to launch the project on Windows. It's working fine on Mac.

I followed the instructions given in the documentation: https://docs.reactnativestarter.com. I'm getting the below error while launching on windows. Please help. info Launching emulator... er...

SIng app react installation issue

I have problem on installing sing app react in my pc. please help to fix this problem.

Inquiry Regarding Vue3 Themes/Templates for Payment Gateway and Exchanges

Hi there, I'm Sue from SparkMinds J.S.C. After reviewing your profile on Envato Market (themeforest), we are interested in exploring if you have additional themes/templates related to Payment Ga...

Witch Node version ?

Hi witch Node version do we need to use ??

Can I redesign the data model after production?

Hi team, I am not a developer, but trying to use my general IT understanding to use FL as a no-code/low-code tool to create my own MVPs. I did create an app but realized that the data model doe...

Can Flatlogic take existing website as input

Can Flatlogic mimic and set up same functionality of an existing website? Am trying to create a yoga site for subscription of users to yoga classes and video library.

why is created_by not available for use in our table schemas

Hey, I'm just creating a schema and tried to add a created_by field to my table, but I received a message that created_by is already in use, as per the screenshot. ![Screenshot of issue](https:...

What features are needed in the Web Application Generator! 🚀

Hello everyone! My name is Philip, I am CEO at Flatlogic. I would be happy to learn what do you think are the features needed in the [generator](https://flatlogic.com/generator)? Please sh...

can't run the template

when i run "yarn install" i have this error : error C:\Dev\SI de la DSI\tmp\flatlogic-sing-app-react\node_modules\node-sass: Command failed. Exit code: 1 Command: node scripts/build.js Argume...

Cannot install on mac

Getting this error [!] Invalid Podfile file: undefined method `build_type' for #. from /Documents/react-native-starter/ios/Podfile:31 ------------------------------------------- us...

How to Master Flow Control with Angular 17's Declarative Techniques?

Angular 17 is recently going to get released on November 6 - 2023. So I wanted to know a bit about the workflow control and its advantages

Support Email? - Bookkeeper App

Ive emailed support a few times for the past wee and have gotten no response. I recently purchased the template bundle and was trying the bookkeeper app template. Is there a separate repository for...

Erro RNGestureHandlerModule

HI! I'm trying to run the test version of React Native Starter on Windows, but I'm getting this error: "TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating '_RNGestureHandlerModule.default.Direction') ...

What is difference between Ionic Vue and Vue.js?

I am working Ionic Vue project. I want to know the difference between Ionic Vue and Vue.js.

Error while running yarn start: backend

I have purchased Light Blue Vue Node.js Template yesterday. 1. I can't connect to github as it requires me to extend. (my github: Coolfusionstudio). Also, the link that refers to "nodejs backend ...

Error while running yarn start

I have purchased Light Blue Vue frontend template today. I got below error message when I ran 'yarn run start' Please recommend a solution to solve the problem. My node version is v14.21.3 -...


How do I switch to another language by this template?

How I download the backend of the Full React Material Admin Template

I just bought the Full React Material Admin Template. I was able to download and run the front-end code, but don't find how to download / run the backend.

Admin dashboard for our system with website for users/clients

Hi, I'm new to this platform and I'm just exploring the entire platform to learn things around because I'm looking for a platform that could help me and my workmates in creating a system for our Lo...

React Admin Dashboard Template with Node.JS Backend

Hello, 29.06.2023 we purchased personal license for React Admin Dashboard Template with Node.JS Backend (https://flatlogic.com/templates/light-blue-react-node-js). For email address roman.ribalko...

How do I design my own forms

I want to design my own forms by drag and drop of text box, dropdown and all. Where can I do that?

Problema al ejecutar yarn install

Aparece el siguiente error: SyntaxError: invalid syntax gyp ERR! configure error gyp ERR! stack Error: `gyp` failed with exit code: 1 gyp ERR! stack at ChildProcess.onCpExit (C:\react-dash...

Node.js Backend

Can´t find the category for the node.js backend. I set up the backend as described in the readme. With a little bit trouble with the postgres part everything should be fine now, but i am receivi...

Payment is one time or recursive & Personal & Developer License

I'm going to purchase "https://flatlogic.com/templates/react-material-ui-admin-node-js". So I have some questions. 1. Payment of theme is one time or yearly or monthly etc. 2. Theme will be used ...

Missed order

I want to Light Blue Vue Node.js but I ordered Light Blue Vue. How do I change to Light Blue Vue Node.js ? Regards, Jayden Kim

How do I fix the deploy error, make a linked field compulsory, and upload a file

Hi guys, Please see this video for an explanation of my questions, which are: https://www.loom.com/share/71971f202be4430bac050d453eef75e8?sid=47777690-dcd9-4b8b-aed5-9e335b744668 1) How ...

Laravel 10

What are the new features in laravel 10?

How do I get expo to work with this starter kit?

I ran the following commands "yarn add expo" The project ran, but blank screen after that.

Can I export the app that I make? And Self-host?

I want to purchase a license but I want to know if the code that I generate from this platform will be my, I mean Can I export the code and after finish my proyect, cancel the suscription ? And use...

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