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Can I export the app that I make? And Self-host?

I want to purchase a license but I want to know if the code that I generate from this platform will be my, I mean Can I export the code and after finish my proyect, cancel the suscription ? And use...

How do I Upgrade Node.js Version for Sing App React

I have recently acquired Sing App React with Node.js, and I'm interested in upgrading the Node.js version from 14 to 18. Is it possible to perform this upgrade?

How can I download the backend of the Sing App React Node.js Template?

I recently purchased Sing App React with Node.js, but I was unable to locate the Node.js backend in the downloaded files.

I buy a template react-material-admin-full-v2.3.3 but I can't start the instance, will I can do?

I bought the react-material-admin-full-v2.3.3 template, I followed the steps in the Readme, but when I give "yarn start" it throws me an error: yarn run v1.22.19 $ react-scripts start node:int...

How I download the backend of the Full React Material Admin Template

I just bought the Full React Material Admin Template. I was able to download and run the front-end code, but don't find how to download / run the backend.


Добрый день. На странице https://flatlogic.com/pricing написано Hosting Full Production-ready Какая разница между Full и Production-ready? 2-вопрос Deployments/account/...


Good afternoon. On the page https://flatlogic.com/pricing written Hosting Full Production Ready What is the difference between Full and Production-ready? 2-question Deployments/account/mon...

@mui/base package

I have cloned the basic, limited version of your code on github. you have installed some packeges like @mui/material. I am trying to install another such package @mui/base. But due to some reason i...

Error while running yarn start: backend

I have purchased Light Blue Vue Node.js Template yesterday. 1. I can't connect to github as it requires me to extend. (my github: Coolfusionstudio). Also, the link that refers to "nodejs backend ...


How do I switch to another language by this template?

Can not install newly downloaded frontend app

I just purchased the react/material ui template. Backend installed fine, but the frontend does not. I immediately get this error from npm install: npm install npm ERR! code ERESOLVE npm ER...

How do I get the bookkeeper backend up and running

I have followed the instructions in the Readme.md file. When I run the npm run migrate:run I get the following output. How do I proceed ?? [email protected] bookkeeper-backend % npm run migrate:run...

I have bought same template twice due to misleading response from your site, need refund for second one

I bought Sing App React from this platform on the first try after the payment your site sent some error response in JSON format, which lead me to think my previous try was unsuccessful due to that ...

Docker command error

I purchase Sofia React with Nodejs Backend. However, when I try to run the backend with docker, building the docker failed with following errors: 117.2 [3/5] Fetching packages... 152.6 error ...

Light Blue Angular support Right to left

Light Blue Angular support Right to left if I want change direction what is the required ?

How does a JwtStrategy secret/key work?

I am trying to run 'npm run dev' on the backend of Bookkeeper but am getting an error message saying that JwtStrategy requires a secret or key. Where can I create/access and add this?

How do i add a route to create a new user?

Hy guys, in sing app react template in UserTable List, i added a button to create a new user with a link to the user fofm (Add user) cant really figure where to add the route to /admin/users/new ?...

How do i send a file through api

After creating the database and generated the backend...etc the api documentation doesn't show how to send a file to the api since the api only take raw json data, there is no way to send ima...

Installation of Jasmine-Karma

How to add Jasmine Karma to your template?

Angular 14 upgrade

Is there an angular 14 upgrade of the light blue dashboard ?

Need help undetstanging Light Blue Vue

Is there documentation anywhere that describes the way the template uses Bootstrap for basic layout? I am an intermediate developer, but there are so many libraries used in this template, my head ...

Can't Use the React Native Template on my Mac

I've been having this issue with the template where I'm not able to run it on my iOS Devices, I get the error below. "No bundle URL present. Make sure you're running a packager server or have...

I can run the project by node version

Hi, I'm trying to run the project that I just bought a few minutes ago but, I don't know why I can't run it. I tried to find out the node version required but you'all don't have the engine defined ...

Sing App Angular Template & .NET Core 3

Hi flatlogic support team, I've purchased an additional .NET Core 3, how can I use it for the template.

Will I get a full source code (both react and Node)

Greetings, I'm planning on learning how to build react / node apps by dissecting and modifying you Accounting App. Will I be able to do "git clone"? Will the purchased code include all react as ...

NOde 12 version is outdated Is your project is on new version

Could you please tell me the your current version node 12 is outdated. Is your project working on new node versions ?

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