React Material Admin Template

This topic contains questions and answers related to React Material Admin Template - react template made with famous Material-UI library. There are currently also node.js and free versions available. If you have trouble launching React Material Admin Template or have any feedback feel free to raise a question - this place is the fastest way to receive a response from our team or community.

How I download the backend of the Full React Material Admin Template

I just bought the Full React Material Admin Template. I was able to download and run the front-end code, but don't find how to download / run the backend.

I buy a template react-material-admin-full-v2.3.3 but I can't start the instance, will I can do?

I bought the react-material-admin-full-v2.3.3 template, I followed the steps in the Readme, but when I give "yarn start" it throws me an error: yarn run v1.22.19 $ react-scripts start node:int...

Payment is one time or recursive & Personal & Developer License

I'm going to purchase "". So I have some questions. 1. Payment of theme is one time or yearly or monthly etc. 2. Theme will be used ...

Can not install newly downloaded frontend app

I just purchased the react/material ui template. Backend installed fine, but the frontend does not. I immediately get this error from npm install: npm install npm ERR! code ERESOLVE npm ER...

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