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Roadmap: Full-stack Web Application Generator

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Philip Daineka mod

Hello there!

We are planning to continuously upgrade, maintain and support the generator, by adding new features, conducting customer surveys, keeping the codebase up-to-date and everything possible to make the generator a great tool to help with the web development.

Here is the list of features we are going to release in a short period of time:

  • Pushing project’s code to Github with merging capabilities;
  • Adding PHP (Laravel) backend;
  • Adding components from web templates (like charts, maps, grid, forms, etc.);
  • Adding an integrations’ step to 3rd party tools (like Google Analytics).

In the long-term our goals are:

  • Connect the generated project to existing database (generate a CRUD app based on the existing DB schema);
  • Provide hosting services for the generated apps, so you could use and access the app anytime;
  • Building a public website for the project (i.e. E-commerce shop, Blog, etc).

Please also feel free to post any feedback or proposals here! We are open to your ideas!

Thank you!

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