What can be the best prompt to create a support forum for small business owners


I need to create a support forum for small business owners if i am in the website design niche

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Philip Daineka mod

Hi there!

Thanks for your question!

Here’s a prompt you can use to get started:

Build a web-based support forum dedicated to small business owners in the website design niche. This forum should serve as a collaborative space for sharing knowledge, resources, and advice on various aspects of website design, from choosing the right templates and design tools to optimizing user experience and improving SEO. Key features should include user registration and profiles, discussion threads and categories (such as Design Tools, SEO Best Practices, User Experience Design, Template Reviews), upvoting or liking posts, a search function for finding specific topics, and the ability to mark questions as answered. Additionally, integrate capabilities for direct messaging between members, posting tutorials or articles, and announcing upcoming webinars or events relevant to the website design community.

This prompt outlines the basic structure of the support forum. Flatlogic Generator is going to create a basic data management system that can be later extended to have a public interface such as forum. You can customize and expand upon it based on specific needs or desired functionalities.

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