Can I change a deployed project using the AI?


Is there any way to change (or add features) to a current deployed project using the AI chat , or do I have to start over

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Philip Daineka mod

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for your question.

To clarify, you can indeed add features or make changes to your current deployed project with the help of the AI chat, but please note this is specifically for generating charts and widgets and requires an active subscription. For other types of modifications or additional features, you'll have to use the schema editor or directly modify the source code on GitHub before redeploying the app. There's no need to start from scratch to add features or make changes. Could you provide more details about the changes or features you'd like to add? This will help me give you more specific guidance.


A little more context. My issue is not with changing the back-end at all. However I am NOT a front-end person, so, I guess my question is more related to "regenerating" the front end. Translating back end to front end seems to be a challenge for AI in general at the moment. It's also related to the fact that prompt has to be engineered perfectly.

I can infer what a chart is, but what is a "widget,"

By the way: Your software is amazing, if I had money to invest, I'd bet on you, you could have a billion dollar valuation in the future. I think the ability to iterate on an existing project using the AI chat is the only missing piece.

Example: During designing of a new application, I meant for the AI to understand that even though the software will be multi-tenant, we would all work off the same OpenAI key. The generation ended up associating a different AI key for each user. Do I know how to fix this? Yes It would just be great to still have that chat window with the AI and say "Please modify so to that all users will use the same OpenAI key, make it an administrator permission. I don't mind going back and forth with the AI 10x to get the version of something I want, it makes me a better prompt engineer, and that is more important to me than improving my coding skills. Eventually I am going to come up against a modification that I DON'T know how to do,.

Everyone want you to believe their solution is the best no code (especially for database design) and Flatbase is by far the closest to TRULEY delivering on that promise.

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