How do I book with a premium code?


I have a 100% promo code but I am not able to reedem it because the 3999$ subscription is above my card limit. How should I solve it?

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Philip Daineka mod

Hey tolipp,

You do not need to insert your credit card for a promocode of 100%.

It will not charge you and will not require a credit card


The code doesn't seem to be working then. It is from a Hackathon in St. Galllen and it supposed to be 100%. It doesn't show this though and there is credit card information needed

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Dear @tolipp,

it should not ask for credit card authorization, and it should not ask for credit card details at all. Please take a look a this video and check once again if you follow the same steps.

If it asks for authorization of $ even if you input a promocode, do not allow it, and, if possible, report this incident in the form of a video to our support team.

Thank you


Support sent me a tutorial with a different sponsor code and this worked now. So it was just a wrong promocode on the hackathon notion site

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