Github broken, Documentation Broken



I'm very disappointed. I'm paying $100 and nothing is working. The documentation straight up doesn't work, GitHub says I don't have a sub even tho on the product page it said 3 months free.

I just want to say that this is unprofessional as hell.

Here is my GitHub username: PaulRennerbs (I saw other people doing this, but this is absolutely unreasonable)

Also the download for the backend is not working at all. There are 2 buttons one frontend and one backend. The backend just leads to an error page.



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Hi Paul,

Sorry for the late answer! I have sent you an invite to the Github repository with the updated back-end.

If you have any issues with the back-end further, please let us know!

It would be great if you can provide us error logs, your environment, and steps to reproduce the issues.

Sorry again for the late answer :(

Best regards,

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