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Here you can browse and ask questions on our react, vue, angular, react native and bootstrap templates and admin dashboards. If you are facing trouble using our templates - feel free to raise your question here. Your participation is highly appreciated!

Payment is one time or recursive & Personal & Developer License

I'm going to purchase "https://flatlogic.com/templates/react-material-ui-admin-node-js". So I have some questions. 1. Payment of theme is one time or yearly or monthly etc. 2. Theme will be used ...

Optional Chaining Error

Support for the experimental syntax 'optionalChaining' isn't currently enabled (87:42): I tried installing @babel/plugin-proposal-optional-chaining. Still having the same error

Open source distribution with pro developer version

We need to understand the limits of the pro version: we need to release our product ( basically a php cms ) using the pro version as backend graphic using developer license on open source on githu...

On profile page there is no way to change profile pic

On the edit profile page there is no option to change the profile pic

Not able to perform http requests through template

Every time I try to Execute through the template, I get unauthorized error even though I am already authorized. I have already installed the PostgreSQL DB as per the documentation. The authorizat...

No luck installing template with npm install or yarn install

Hi, Just purchased this template. No luck with install. Tried deleting the package-lock.json before installing as well. tried npm install and yarn install. with yarn install, getting: [...

Node Sass Problem

I purchased the Sing app React template but I'm unable to run it, I get the following error: ./src/styles/theme.scss (./node_modules/css-loader/dist/cjs.js??ref--6-oneOf-5-1!./node_modules/pos...

Nodejs BackEnd (User management template): Build and Debug on Windows

Hi support team, Does it support documents for build and debug nodejs backend on Windows? Best regards,

Node.js Backend

CanΒ΄t find the category for the node.js backend. I set up the backend as described in the readme. With a little bit trouble with the postgres part everything should be fine now, but i am receivi...

NOde 12 version is outdated Is your project is on new version

Could you please tell me the your current version node 12 is outdated. Is your project working on new node versions ?

New forms are not created when schema is adjusted and redeployed

Hi, so I have an unfortunate issue that is affecting my workflow. I was expect that if I add new entities and re-deploy the app that the client forms would be created for the new entities - but it ...

Need Video Tutorials & Guides - Non Tech Users

As a non-tech user, I want to see more relevant video tutorials or guides across different aspects of the platform. Current YouTube videos are not very helpful but very generic.

Need help undetstanging Light Blue Vue

Is there documentation anywhere that describes the way the template uses Bootstrap for basic layout? I am an intermediate developer, but there are so many libraries used in this template, my head ...

Multiple Tracking Prevention blocked access to storage

Hi, I received multiple tracking prevention blocked access to storage error messages when running locally. I tried in edge and firefox browsers, both giving the same error. The website will load ex...

@mui/base package

I have cloned the basic, limited version of your code on github. you have installed some packeges like @mui/material. I am trying to install another such package @mui/base. But due to some reason i...

Move SMPT configuration to parameters

Make email setup easier by allowing SMTP settings to be changed right in the Flatlogic Generator's parameters. This would make setting up emails for things like password resets and sign-up confir...

Most dependencies are deprecated and don't work with nodejs 16

Good day. I am running node version 16 on my machine and when trying to install dependencies in both the frontend and backend, almost all of the are deprecated. I tried installing their current ver...

Missing dependencies

Hi flatlogic, I've bought your template for $49 { https://flatlogic.com/templates/light-blue-html5 }, but when I run the template on localhost, a lot of dependencies are missing ( image url : htt...

Missed order

I want to Light Blue Vue Node.js but I ordered Light Blue Vue. How do I change to Light Blue Vue Node.js ? Regards, Jayden Kim

Looking to Hire Mobile App Developers

We are looking to hire mobile app developers who can build a custom app for our start-ups. If anyone has suggestions then feel free to let us know.

Link Form to Sing App React

I have access to both Front End and Back End code. But the form demonstration that was given while purchasing User Management Backend, isn't the same. I am not able to link the User Management Pa...

Light Blue Angular support Right to left

Light Blue Angular support Right to left if I want change direction what is the required ?

License question

I want to build one project with these SingApp Template on a single domain. (Do not intend to develop multiple project or services) Is this a persona license or a developer license ? Do I get th...

Laravel 10

What are the new features in laravel 10?


How do I switch to another language by this template?

I want to know how to debug frontend and backend.

I bought frontend and backend. I want to know how to debug frontend and backend with vscode.

I want to access the github repository

I wonder if the supplied front end and back end are working properly. I bought the front end and back end, but is there no back end description document? The link you provide is not accessible a...

Is the schema editor broken? Not seeing any options to add fields etc.

Hi, I sent an email with a screenshot about what I am experiencing but I got an auto response to send a message via this forum for faster support. The issue I have is I am using my phone (I boug...

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