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Here you can browse and ask questions on our react, vue, angular, react native and bootstrap templates and admin dashboards. If you are facing trouble using our templates - feel free to raise your question here. Your participation is highly appreciated!

How do I change the width of a table column?

I purchased React Material Admin Full and am using it.

How do I book with a premium code?

I have a 100% promo code but I am not able to reedem it because the 3999$ subscription is above my card limit. How should I solve it?

How do i add a route to create a new user?

Hy guys, in sing app react template in UserTable List, i added a button to create a new user with a link to the user fofm (Add user) cant really figure where to add the route to /admin/users/new ?...

How does a JwtStrategy secret/key work?

I am trying to run 'npm run dev' on the backend of Bookkeeper but am getting an error message saying that JwtStrategy requires a secret or key. Where can I create/access and add this?

How can I use the AI schema generator again?

I found a few small issues with the scheme and wanted to re-run the AI generator for it. I reset the scheme from settings and that worked but the button for "Design with AI" is missing. Is there ...

How can i implement the datetime picker - which files should i reference for that?

I am trying to do the forms-datetime picker. But it doesn't seem to work

Github broken, Documentation Broken

Hello. I'm very disappointed. I'm paying $100 and nothing is working. The documentation straight up doesn't work, GitHub says I don't have a sub even tho on the product page it said 3 months fre...

Github access pointless

How can you sell Github access to a project you are not maintaining. This project has dependency errors and uses components that are no longer available. You should not be charging for a piece of c...

Get it to work on IIS

So. I purchased the template and I have set the files into my IIS web directory. I am running IIS 10 on windows server 2019. I get the dashboard page to load, except for no map, no dropdown arrows ...

Generate Static Websites on Demand

The ability to generate static websites right from the Generator. By using predefined components, we could simply tell the Generator what we need, and it would build a website for us. This would...

Generate app/tempate from image

Transform image into editable designs

Front Deployment in Amplify hosting

We have deployed the front through AWS Amplify, however, the page is not displayed without throwing any explicit error (404) Could you please guide us if we need to do something additional or if...

Free/Community version

So the idea is that we are going to create a free template for Flatlogic Generator that is going to be publicly available and community editable. The Free/Community version of the Flatlogic appl...

Flatlogic Guest Post Program

Hello, I hope you are doing well. Guys, please agree on guest post topics, the ideal topic would be about something about email marketing. Also, do those pages have blog guidelines, what is the ...

Fitness Managment Application

I am wanting to createa fitness managment application for personal trainers so that the can keep track of their clients progress while also being able to communicate with them. I want the applicat...

Feedback to improve the user-experience

Hi! Came here from a post on LinkedIn - I think the Generator is pretty awesome and I have some feedback for you: 1. when I start out the web application generator, I have to immediately choose be...

Fast documentation guide

Do you have a setup fast documentation guide somewhere I could follow to get it up and running?

Fast auto redeploy

A quick redeploy feature to save time and increase efficiency. This would let you automatically update your live app with new changes right away without the usual wait. Imagine making a tweak ...

Error while running yarn start: backend

I have purchased Light Blue Vue Node.js Template yesterday. 1. I can't connect to github as it requires me to extend. (my github: Coolfusionstudio). Also, the link that refers to "nodejs backend ...

Error while running yarn start

I have purchased Light Blue Vue frontend template today. I got below error message when I ran 'yarn run start' Please recommend a solution to solve the problem. My node version is v14.21.3 -...

Error when rendering v-select

Hello! Please help me! I got this error when I use v-select! Picture: https://ibb.co/42csfYY

Errors on npm install

Hi Support Team, I bought the Sing App React Template and I get the following error when I run the npm install. Could you help me to fix this issue? npm WARN tarball tarball data for bootstra...

Erro RNGestureHandlerModule

HI! I'm trying to run the test version of React Native Starter on Windows, but I'm getting this error: "TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating '_RNGestureHandlerModule.default.Direction') ...

Error during Installation

Hi, I recently purchased the light blue angular template, but I'm facing some problems with the installation via yarn and npm as well with different Angular versions (11, 12 and 13) could you...


I wanna to make a complete accounting and inventory management software for auto spare parts business. How can I proceed and howmuch does it cost me?

Envelope Icon - Lost and Forgotten:)

Hi, guys! In Sing React App on your online demo version there is envelope icon (Email menu item). But in my version which I downloaded, there is another icon "flaticon-paper-plane". What is th...

Edit MainTabNavigator.js for the bottom menu

hello, i want to show in the bottom menu of the application only home navigation and not everything in the tabNavigationData file, whenever i add something in tabNavigationData.js it shows also in ...

Editing Templates - With AI Builder

In the AI Builder, it would be great to have the ability to edit our chosen template (offered by Flatlogic)

Draggable cards components

Please add components to create a Kanban board similar to kanbano[dot]co or ReactFlow. The cards should be draggable, sortable and can be assigned to a list.

Drag and drop builder

Hi, I would like to propose the implementation of a drag and drop builder to build front and back end pages without coding. This will help the folks that are not developers create apps.

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