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Mikkrh Adrenalin

Hi! Came here from a post on LinkedIn - I think the Generator is pretty awesome and I have some feedback for you: 1. when I start out the web application generator, I have to immediately choose between 3 frontend choices, 5 backend choices, and 3 design choices. I would like a small button (like "i" for information) nearby that helps me make an informed choice. for example, in 1-2 lines, in which cases would I choose Node.js over Laravel or Laravel over Node.js (and same with other combinations). This will be partly educational to the user, but it would also make sense to choose the right techstack for the job 2. Can you improve the filter functionality so that it does more than just "contains". For example, let's say I have 2000 books in the schema with a price. I would like to be able to filter only those books that are priced below $20. 3. Sticking with the above example, I would then like to be able to easily "select all" of the filtered items, and change the price in one click (say if I want to drop the price to $15) 4. Just curious, is there going to be an easy way/tutorial to combine/use the web application with the front-end templates you have on your website?

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Thanks for such detailed feedback! We will contact you regarding the Web summit and if you have something to add do not hesitate to do it here!

Best, Eugene

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