How do I connect Frontend React to JavaBackend



Now I can start Sing App React Template frontend. But how can I connect to backend java, get list of order/products? Can you show me the configuration.

Regards, Minh Nguyen

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Eugene Stepnov

Hi Minh,

Have you got access to the Github repo with the java docs?

Best, Eugene


Hi Eugene,

I have access to the Github repo. I could start JAVA BACKEND and REACT FRONTEND. I can use Swagger UI to test API correctly But how can I connect FRONTEND to BACKEND. For example, I need to do signup from the react frontend, then receive email, and click verify link. Could you show me where is the signup form.

Thank you, Minh Nguyen

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Hi, ndminh065 You just need to run the backend following the instructions from ( Then start the frontend with "npm start:backend". On the frontend side you can create new users (

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