Pushing to GitHub

You can connect the GitHub repository to your app and push all generated code there. Thus you will be able to work directly in the Github repository with the code and make changes there.

In case you modify the schema (add entities, modify them) Flatlogic platform is going to initiate a push to the connected repository.

To upload a project or your changes to GitHub, at the top right click on ‘Push to GitHub’.

The ‘Login’ window opens next, where you need to enter login details for your GitHub account or sign in.

Next, the ‘Choose name for your repository’ window opens, where you have to choose a name for your repository and select privacy terms.

After this step, the Flatlogic Bot creates a GitHub repository for you and uploads your code there. Afterwards, you can work with the platform or with your GitHub repository.

Here is a video example of How to Sync GitHub with Flatlogic.

Also, check guide Working with Git Repository.

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