Working with Git Repository

Working with branches

GitHub is connected to Flatlogic hosting, all deployments go directly from there. There are two branches: master & generated. Master - is for you to make changes directly in the source code. Generated is for Flatlogic Bot to make changes to the generated code. You can initiate a Flatlogic Bot commit by pressing on push to GitHub button after making changes to the app. After this, you need to create a pull request and merge generated branch into the master. It is better not to work with the Generated branch and leave it to Flatlogic Bot.

Here is a video example of How to push platform updates to Github and merge branches.

Master Branch

All customizations you wanted to add you should do at the Master branch on GitHub. To open your application with the changes you made on GitHub, you should go to your Project Settings on and click on ‘Deploy from Git’ and your application will be rebuilt.

Generated Branch

After every change, you have made to your project on the Applications Settings tab you can initiate a push to GitHub. Flatlogic bot will push changes to the Generated Branch.

Next, you can create a pull request and merge the changes in both branches with a click on ‘Compare & pull request’.

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