In addition, to the CRUD application generated on the Flatlogic Platform contains such modules as:

The main features of CRUD applications generated using the Flatlogic platform:

  • Configured and ready to use authorization and authentication;
  • Fully ready-to-use application with front-end, back-end parts, and database;
  • Each app comes with a docker container for quick deployment to any hosting platforms;
  • Application is fully adaptive across all screen sizes;
  • For every entity created with the generator, the tool automatically creates an API documented with Swagger;
  • Ready-made components for the full-stack app. Buttons, tables, forms, and general layout come out of the box;
  • The app will also contain some basic searching, filtering, and validation;
  • The build/compilation process is already set up and works without problems;
  • Image storage implemented;
  • All back-end and front-end logic is generated automatically according to the previously created database schema.