Starter Kit/Template

What is Starter Template

Starter Template is simply the layout and design the platform applies to your content. Sometimes referred to as "skeleton" templates are interchangeable and affect website elements such as fonts, colours, backgrounds, placement and layout of navigation elements, placement of sidebars and social media elements, placement, size and design of content areas and images, layout and integration of account links and information.

What is Starter Kit

Starter kits provide an application template that users can integrate with services to build a ready-to-use production asset. Starter kits are perfect for building a production application skeleton dynamically in the language of your choice, ready for deployment to the cloud. Starter kits contain metadata covering what the kit is and makes. You can use the language, framework, and usage pattern in each starter kit.

Choosing Starter Kit/Template

In this step, you can choose any Starter Kit/Template for your application.

There is one design option now for the CRUD applications (full-stack application):

  • Material: Material Template based on Material-UI framework.

There are also some starter kits and standard templates for No-Backend applications generated from CLI frameworks:

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