MVP in a month

Our AI-based generator creates up to 90% of your MVP, and we custom-build the rest, all within a month.

Flatlogic saves you at least 250 hours in web application development time (~$12,500)!

Quick Facts

30 days from idea to MVP

Turn your concept into a market-ready MVP in just 30 days, ensuring rapid input and feedback.

AI-based generator handles 70% of the build

Leverage our AI-based Flatlogic Generator to automate 70% of your business software development, focusing on foundational elements for speed and consistency.

Tailored to your enterprise needs.

Customize the remaining 30% of your MVP to meet your organization's unique needs, integrating specialized features and workflows for optimal alignment with your business goals.

How It Works

AI-Powered Flatlogic Generator

Think of this as your blueprint architect. It listens to your vision and poof!—it cranks out about 70% of your MVP's essential features in no time. We're talking about data models, user roles, and basic CRUD operations.

Custom Development

Your idea is unique, and our development team knows it. That's why we roll up our sleeves to custom code the remaining 30% of features that the generator can't handle. This is where the magic happens—integrations, complex workflows, and all that jazz.

Agile & Streamlined

No dragging feet here. We adopt an agile approach with sprints to keep things moving swiftly and efficiently. Daily standups, weekly reviews—you get the picture.

Test, Iterate, Deploy

Quality is non-negotiable. We test each component, refine it, and make sure it's bulletproof before it hits the deployment stage.

Done in 30 days

This isn't our first rodeo. We deliver your polished MVP within 30 days, and we mean it—no excuses, no delays.


Just because it's an MVP doesn't mean it's a dead-end. Our code is clean and modular, paving the way for easy upgrades and scalability down the line.

Track Record

Over 16 successful MVP deliveries in 2023. Works best for data|content|inventory|etc management systems. 


Optelos is the enterprise data management and AI analytics platform that turns data into useful insights. It is a secure and scalable drone data management solution built on top of Flatlogic’s Sing App Angular Template.


Resin8 is a dynamic force in the global independent music scene, specializing in artist management, synch licensing, music supervision, and custom music production. They focus on identifying and promoting each artist's unique sound, leveraging synch licensing, Shazam, fan engagement, and streaming platforms to create sustainable careers and build superfans.


Freshride is a leading auto service provider based in Vilnius, offering a wide range of services for cars. Recognizing the need for an efficient online system to manage appointments and payments, Freshride sought to create a comprehensive web platform where customers could seamlessly select and pay for services.


Leading companies trust us to design, develop and deploy their business software and to deliver them on time.

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