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Web Dev Articles on Flatlogic

Articles that focuses on tips and tricks in web development using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

7 Trends in JavaScript to Look for in 2020

by Molly Crockett • 8 min read

JavaScript may have been around since 1995, but it’s really come into its own over the last few years. It has skyrocketed to the top of developer’s favorite languages and...

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A Review of 12+ Low-Code and No-Code Development Platforms

by Eugene Stepnov • 17 min read

You’ve probably heard of the term no-code recently. Some companies and developers also prefer to use such a thing as low-code. In our article, we will try to explain the...

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12+ Best Online Code Editors for Web Developers

by Eugene Stepnov • 15 min read

What is an online code editor? An online code editor is a tool that resides on a remote server and is accessible via browsers. Some online code editors have basic...

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Angular vs React: Which One to Choose for Your Web App

by Nastassia Ovchinnikova • 12 min read

The battle between React and Angular has lasted for 7 years. It got its second wind in 2016 when Angular 2 was released. Today we have already worked with Angular...

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