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Top OpenAI Tools, Examples & Use Cases

OpenAI provides a variety of services, tools, and use cases to assist companies, developers, and academics in implementing AI capabilities.

by Alesia Sirotka β€’ 25 min read

Best Companies Offering Web Development Internships for Students

Searching for a great place for a student internship in the field of web development is a responsible and sometimes even complicated task.

by Artsiom Baranouski β€’ 5 min read

6 Phases of the Software Development Life Cycle

Creating software without planning is a recipe for disaster. Planning is an essential part of creating any software, as it allows the developers to understand the scope of the project, identify the best technologies to use, and create a timeline to ensure the project is completed on time. This is the reason for something like the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

by Alesia Sirotka β€’ 25 min read

Step-by-Step Guide: Building a Custom CRM for Your Business in 2023

In this article we guide you how to build custom CRM. What components you need to develop and how to cut development costs while building custom CRM.

by Alesia Sirotka β€’ 7 min read

How to do marketing to developers. A big guide

Marketing to developers is not a trivial task due to the nature of software developers. In this article, we will on how to hack the system!

by Eugene Stepnov β€’ 5 min read

Best 13+ Date Picker Examples for Bootstrap

Date pickers are graphical widgets that allow users to pick single/range date, time. Date pickers are commonly used in various types of registration forms when you need to fill out the date of your birth.

by Nastassia Ovchinnikova β€’ 12 min read

[Update] Typescript vs. Javascript: The Key Differences You Should Know in 2023

JavaScript or TypeScript, that is the question. See the comparison guide and evaluate all the pros and cons of both technologies step by step.

by Nastassia Ovchinnikova β€’ 9 min read

12 JavaScript Image Manipulation Libraries for Your Next Web App

An Image Manipulation Library or IML is a tool that’s main goal is to help you systemize, organize and manipulate graphic elements of your app in different ways. Different Image Manipulation Libraries typically serve different purposes.

by Alexander Rubanau β€’ 8 min read

20+ Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates for 2024

Best Bootstrap Admin Templates in 2023 by Flatlogic.com

by Nastassia Ovchinnikova β€’ 18 min read

7 Trends in JavaScript to Look for in 2023 [Update]

Being the most popular programming language, JavaScript is chosen by more than 70% of professional developers worldwide. Check the trends of JavaScript programming in our article.

by Molly Crockett β€’ 8 min read

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