AI-Powered CRUD App Generator for React, Angular, & Vue

Create a full-stack web business application in minutes using Flatlogic AI-powered CRUD App Generator. Define and optimize your database schema with AI and get a production-ready full-stack business application built with React, Angular, or Vue. Save at least a month of expensive engineering work with our AI-powered CRUD App Generator!


Number of generated applications with AI: 24,566

Don’t build your Application
from scratch again

Partner Development

Focus On Business Logic

Stop wasting time by developing basic development operations by yourself. Create a CRUD Template via Flatlogic AI for your business application. Front-end, Back-end, Database, Authentication, Forms, Lists, Filters, Search, Access Control, Deployment - all included. You need to focus on complex business logic only.

Partner Development

Get a Fully Working App in Minutes

CRUD application generated by Flatlogic works seamlessly right after creation. Project structure, bundling, server-side code, dependency management, and great UI - all done by Flatlogic CRUD App Generator.

Partner Development

Full Customization and Source Code

Flatlogic gives you full control over the source code. Push the generated CRUD software’s source code to Github, free from dependency on our platform, and edit further as needed.






Custom DB Model


Access Control


AI Data Viz



How It Works?

What can you do with Flatlogic?

Applications below were built with Flatlogic CRUD App Generator.


The software includes essential features for e-commerce pros: product listings, virtual shopping carts, secure checkout, and more.

Real Estate CRM

The app includes key features for real estate professionals: property listings, virtual tours, and secure payments.

IOT Dashboard

The software equipped with real-time monitoring, automated management functions, and integrated secure transaction systems.

E-Learning Platform

The software is armed with essential tools for e-learning experts: course management, interactive lessons, and analytics of student's activities.


Transform your email management with FLARE! Automate and optimize your inbox with AI-driven scenarios.

Need something custom?

Hire our team to build a business software or SAAS platform for you

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