Flatlogic Key Features

Discover a high-level list of features that helps you to create a full-stack web app in minutes

Generate front-end boilerplate with the most popular starter tools

Create React App

NextJS App

Vue Standard App

NuxtJS App

Angular Standard App

Host with Flatlogic generated front-end boilerplate in one click

Push generated code of front-end boilerplate to Github in one click

Deploy custom changes made in the code in one-click

Create database schema with Flatlogic schema editor tool

Schema editor features:

Adding new tables and columns

Editing tables and columns

Deleting tables and columns

Defining relationships

Choosing different data types

Supported Tech Stacks

Frontend stacks




Backend stacks

NodeJS + TypeORM

NodeJS + Sequelize


Database stacks



Generated full-stack app features

Unlimited schema updates

Auto generated REST API documented with Swagger

Deleting an entity via API

Code preview of generated full-stack CRUD application

Ability to check deployment logs

Instant hosting and deployment of generated full-stack web app

Deployment from Github in one-click

Ready-made components of full-stack generated app

Social login

Built-in docker support

Built-in authentication created

Auto Generate REST API documented with Swagger

The app can be

dark mode

In dark mode

light mode

In light mode

Create CRUD app in minutes

Try Flatlogic platform now

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