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Artsiom Baranouski

15 Best Alternatives to WordPress in 2023

Get the scoop on the best alternatives to WordPress for website building. Discover their key differences in user experience to make an informed decision.

by Artsiom Baranouski • 5 min read

How to Improve the Performance of a React Native App?

You’re convinced that the React Native framework is a big deal. However, before you go and hire a React Native developer to build your app, read this article.  In the next five minutes, the article will discuss 7 ways to improve the performance of a React Native app.

by Artsiom Baranouski • 5 min read

ERP vs. CRM: Interesting facts I bet you never knew about

ERP and custom CRM software are widely used, capable of operating on various platforms, and occasionally utilized in tandem for a single firm. Depending on the need, a small number of businesses can combine these two software platforms on a single platform. Because of this, many of them only have a hazy understanding of CRM and ERP and sometimes need clarification on the two.

by Artsiom Baranouski • 5 min read

25 Best Developer Productivity Tools & Apps in 2023

Here are the 25 best developer productivity tools you can use in 2023 and beyond to increase your productivity and coding efficiency.

by Artsiom Baranouski • 5 min read

How to Build Customized CRM with React and Node.js from Scratch

Looking to build a customized CRM from scratch? Our expert team can help you create a CRM using React and Node.js that is tailored to the specific needs and processes of your business. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you build a CRM that meets your exact requirements.

by Artsiom Baranouski • 5 min read

What Is Mobile App Testing: A Complete Overview of Tips&Tools Everyone Needs

The right mobile app testing tools can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your testing efforts, allowing you to identify and fix issues quickly and confidently release your app to the public.

by Artsiom Baranouski • 5 min read

Best Companies Offering Web Development Internships for Students

Searching for a great place for a student internship in the field of web development is a responsible and sometimes even complicated task.

by Artsiom Baranouski • 5 min read

How to Integrate New ES2022 Features into JavaScript?

This post will go further into the approving body and the process that led up to the approval. A new version of the ECMAScript standard, including any authorized additions or modifications since the previous edition, is made available annually. Since several features have already reached stage 4 and will be included in the specification, we will also take a peek at what's to come.

by Artsiom Baranouski • 5 min read

What is a Low-Code Developer, and How Do They Compare to Full-Stack Developers?

Is it true that low-code developers don't have the same breadth of knowledge as full-stack and what is enough depth of how-to code to compare?

by Artsiom Baranouski • 5 min read

7 Top Tips for Successful Software Product Marketing

As the creator of your software product, you will know its features better than anyone else. But looking at it as your project is not the same as seeing it as a marketable product. You need to know its marketable features and user benefits, as well as any weaknesses to work on later down the line.

by Artsiom Baranouski • 5 min read

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