Open Source Articles on Flatlogic Blog

These articles one way or another deal with open-source projects on web development or mobile app development

What are low-code open-source tools? – Guideline

Dive into the world of low-code open-source tools, discover the future of software development, and top 5+ list of the best tools.

by Alesia Sirotka • 25 min read

Best 10+ Open Source CRM Systems

Are you ready to discover the best open-source CRM that could revolutionize your business without breaking the bank?

by Alesia Sirotka • 15 min read

Top JavaScript Calendar Plugins

This article is about the best JavaScript calendar plugins on the market.

by Eugene Stepnov • 7 min read

Top JavaScript Datepicker Plugins and Libraries [Updated]

This article includes the best JavaScript datepicker plugins and libraries on the market. Check out these examples of React and Bootstrap datepickers and learn more about datepickers.

by Philip Daineka • 9 min read

Top 10+ Angular Open Source Projects

In this article, you will find top Angular open source projects with source code.

by Eugene Stepnov • 7 min read

Best React Open Source Projects

This article is about best React open-source projects

by Philip Daineka • 7 min read

How to Build an IoT Dashboard [Guideline]

Learn about the types of IoT dashboards you can develop to analyze data from IoT devices.

by Philip Daineka • 18 min read

Why We Made Our Premium Admin Dashboard Open-Source

Back in 2013 our team embraced key technologies like Bootstrap, Angular, React, Vue, .NET, and others to deliver world-class admin dashboards. We researched, analyzed, designed and then developed user-friendly admin...

by Nastassia Ovchinnikova • 4 min read

Sing App Lite – open source and free bootstrap admin template

Sing App with a new free Lite version is available for download on a Github. It has a very clean, innovative and beautiful look with a focus on functionality. We added...

by Nastassia Ovchinnikova • 5 min read

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