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Eugene Stepnov

Economics degree from Belarusian State Economic University. Product Management professional. Founded and successfully failed startup called Kuoll.

With a degree in economics, Eugene has vast experience in product management and sales processes. A former Ernst and Young consultant, he is keenly interested in startup culture, innovations in programming, and the world of web development. Eugene is responsible for the role of product owner in the team of Flatlogic. He is consistent in writing great long-form guides and making detailed research and analysis on product development. He can’t imagine a day without learning the latest tech news, project management, and much more. Eugene is a self-starter and always tries to perform faster and better inspiring others to do the same.

14 Great Admin Panel Themes for Ecommerce

A list of ready-made e-commerce solutions to make an online store. Check the alternatives to Shopify, Magento, and other wll-known giants.

by Eugene Stepnov • 11 min read

10 Best IDEs for React.JS in 2022

In today's world, the selection of IDEs and code editors is so large that it becomes difficult to choose the right development tool.

by Eugene Stepnov • 18 min read

Top JavaScript Datepicker Plugins and Libraries

In this article, we have covered the most advanced javascript datepicker plugins and libraries. You can see react and bootstrap datepicker in this article.

by Eugene Stepnov • 9 min read

Top Angular Open Source Projects

In this article, you will find top Angular open source projects with source code.

by Eugene Stepnov • 7 min read

Top JavaScript Calendar Plugins

This article is about best javascript calendar plugins

by Eugene Stepnov • 7 min read

Best React Open Source Projects

This article is about best React open-source projects

by Eugene Stepnov • 7 min read

Top React Native UI Component Libraries

In this article we will share a list of the best free React Native UI Kits, which designers and React Native developers can use to jumpstart the design & development of their next mobile project.

by Eugene Stepnov • 9 min read

Top 19+ Remarkable JavaScript Table Libraries and Plugins

This time we want to introduce libraries for working with tables or grids

by Eugene Stepnov • 14 min read

What is Next.js and Top Next.js Templates

This article is about what is next.js framework and top next.js templates.

by Eugene Stepnov • 5 min read

React Table Guide And Best React Table Examples

We will give you good concentrated information on how to choose a react table, what difficulties are there during development of react tables, and other things that will really help you create great and useful react tables.

by Eugene Stepnov • 18 min read

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