Are you a junior or a senior student, passionate about the career of web development but still need the experience to apply for your dream job? The best way to start your journey is to find a valuable internship in a reliable company. You may even earn from $12 to $20 per hour learning how to be a good coder. 

However, students usually don’t know how to start this internship search or even what is available for them. There are many influencing factors for career choice, and a good internship will help you to understand the field of web development that is the most interesting to you. 

This article outlines the key principles that can help to find a successful internship. We also define the best companies you need to look at for open internship positions and the key responsibilities you may have as a development intern. Do you already know how to create a dashboard in React, build UI design, and analyze data with R and Python? Let’s start and discuss how to get an excellent internship and build a great career. 

What Is Development Internships?

Before we jump into the discussion of the best companies in the market that offers internship for students on various level of study. Maybe you know how to build react simple website template, or you can even analyze data with Data Science tools, use various programming languages, or just start to code with Python. 

However, during the internship, you will be able to world under professional mentoring and go deeper into the tech field you are interested. This is a chance to learn from professionals and identify the areas you want to focus on in the future. In most cases, the internship length is up to 12 weeks, but you may find an internship for the whole semester. Also, you can earn from 3 to 6 credits doing your internship if your academic advisor allows you to do it. 

How to Be Prepared For the Internship Search

First and foremost, you need to start your internship search with a clear outline of key development fields you want to work in the future. Yes, it is possible that you are not sure yet, what type of developer you want to be. For instance, you can focus on app development with Go or learn how to create a dashboard with React. However, you can start with basic research to know more about the company that offers internships.  Enterprise Business Apps in minutes. Generate Now!

Here is a list of steps for each student looking for a great web development internship:

  • Outline the list of companies you are interested in.
  • Define what requirements each company has. Probably, some of them expect that you can already code (can switch from Angular to Vue in app development or have experience working with React dashboard design). 
  • Check if the internship in the specific company can be counted as a credit for your university.
  • Ensure that the company will have resources to teach interns.
  • Research on students who also had an internship in this company before. You may contact them and ask about their experience. 

Furthermore, you need to remember, that after you finish your internship, you will need to write an internship reflection paper. It is a type of paper where you will evaluate your experience and reflect on things you learned or improved during your internship. It is better to have all requirements for this type of paper before you start your web development internship. In case you need some help writing that paper, you can check free samples – just tap here

What You Should Know Before Applying for Web Development Internship

Your first internship is an important and serious step in building a career in web development. Let’s discuss some general requirements you may have before you start your application.

  1. Get to know core programming languages based on the field you want to work with. Use a web application generator to start; however, learn C++, Java, Python, Go and React. There are the most often used tools for developers in 2023
  2. Create your digital portfolio. You can use the free React JS template or any other tool for a simple study project to show your ability to code. 
  3. Check with the university about all internship requirements. You can use your internship as an additional credit for the semester, but you need to approve it with your academic advisor first. 

The Best Companies Who Offer Web Development Internships

You probably think that top web development companies offer the best internship for students. However, looking at the list of best places for internships, you will see different types of businesses. The key feature of a good company for the internship is the ability and resources to teach students. We will discuss the requirements and specifications of different companies, but you can choose the one that matches your goals the best. 

  1. Amazon

In most cases, you need to know how to work with Angular, Vue, and React and have some practical experience in coding. Amazon is interested in students with Computer Science, AI, and Human interaction majors. They are quite competitive, and you will need good letters of recommendation for them. You will have more chances if you work with admin template material UI design. 

Key features: Participants start with a comprehensive onboarding experience, have the opportunity to connect with other interns (in addition to their manager, mentor, and team), and wrap up their internship with a presentation of their project to Amazon employees.

Cost and time: 18-20$/hour. The internship is usually for 12 weeks, 40 hours a week. A lot of intern positions are open for the whole year.

2. Adobe

Another huge company with resources to organize a great internship for future web developers and even offer you a job in case of successful work. It is also great if you are familiar with C++, React, Js CRM or if your focus is UI/UX design. However, you will have a great chance of getting a job at Adobe. 

Key features: You can also apply for the research program as an intern, and it will be a great experience in case you are considering Ph.D. study in the future. 

Cost and time: $28/hour, you can start from January, 2023. 

4. IBM

Here you need to have some backend expertise, even if it is your first internship, and be familiar with the admin panel in Angular. It is a great place to focus on APIs and agile, problem-solving solutions. 

Key features: IBM ensures that you will work with various types of projects that will definitely help you to understand your passion. In most cases, the company requires three months of internship, provides you with mentoring support, and allows you to build your own projects. 

Cost and time: $20/hour, up to ten weeks, open position for the whole year. 

3. RJ Media Group

If your goal is to get more experience in analytics, you can consider the application to PJ Media Group. They require students to have bachelor’s degrees in STEM or computer science. 

Key features: You should already have some experience in JavaScript coding, UX/UI design and be aware of the best angular template for each type of task you may get. 

Cost and time: $15/hour. The internship is part-time (20 hours a week), and it is usually for 12 weeks.

5. JP Morgan

You may focus not only on tech companies but also search for great positions in other types of markets. For instance, JP Morgan used to offer a great internship for software developers. 

Key features: You need to be able to create a dashboard with React, build a template dashboard Angular, know essential programming languages for app development, and have a major in data science or computer engineering (they also admit students in their first year of studies). 

Cost and time: $7/hour, the nearest open position is for a summer internship.

6. Flatlogic Platform

Internships can be a great way to gain experience and build your professional network, and Flatlogic is a great place to do it. Flatlogic is a global software development company that specializes in web and mobile development. They offer both short-term and long-term internships for students and recent graduates. The internships at Flatlogic are designed to allow students to gain hands-on experience in the software development field. They offer a wide range of projects, including web development, mobile development, project management, and more. Interns are exposed to the latest technologies and trends in the field and are given the chance to work on real-world projects.

In addition to the technical skills that interns gain, they also develop soft skills such as communication and problem-solving. Flatlogic also provides its interns with professional mentorship to help them grow as developers and gain valuable insight into the industry. At Flatlogic, interns get exposed to a wide range of technologies and stacks, including React, Vue, Node.js, PostgreSQL, and more. They get to work with the latest tools and technologies in the industry and can develop their skills in the areas of software engineering, web development, mobile development, and more. By the end of their internship, interns have a solid understanding of the software engineering process and can apply the skills they have learned to their future projects. 

All in all, internships at Flatlogic are an excellent opportunity for students and recent graduates to gain experience in the software development field. Interns get to work on real-world projects and get exposed to the latest tools and technologies. They also benefit from the mentorship and guidance of experienced professionals and can develop their technical and soft skills. If you’re looking for an internship in software development, Flatlogic is a great place to start.

Final Thoughts

Searching for a great place for a student internship in the field of web development is a responsible and sometimes even complicated task. You may be an expert in React admin cms or Angular premium templates. However, you still need some experience with real projects. The best way to get such experience is to find an internship where you will have mentoring and support. Here we define top companies with valuable internship programs and outline the key requirements you need to follow for the best offer. The last piece of advice is to be active and does not afraid to try something new, even if you have just started to code in this language.