For Developers

Flatlogic handles the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of web application development, such as setting up build systems and project structures, deployment, and basic CRUD functions. So you may concentrate on the one that interests you.
The created application can be on React, Vue, Angular, Node.js, Laravel, PostgreSQL, MySQL.

Why Flatlogic for developers

Flatlogic automate most of routine development tasks


Auto generated API

Flatlogic platform generate a REST API according to created database schema. Using API you can manage app with CRUD operations. You may link your services, frontends, apps, scripts, or devices to the app APIs built with Flatlogic Platform as long as they speak HTTP.


Endless customization

You'll never be restricted by what comes out of the box with Flatlogic. Push the code to Github, modify it, and deploy it with a single click.


Version control

Github integration is included into the Flatlogic platform right out of the box. Every modification to the database schema is pushed to your repository, together with your app's source code. Revert back if there is a problem.



We take care of the dirty work of deployment process setup, CI/CD pipelines and other hard work. Focus on the features that matters instead of maintenance and bug fixing.


Easily create database models

Define and change content/database schema using built-in UI for creating tables, columns and relationships between them. Iterate and prototype, quickly, see the resulting code and app in minutes.


Built-in Modules

No pain to develop authentication system, integrating from validation libraries, building custom search algorithms. This work will be nicely done by Flatlogic.

Explore live demo

Explore the live demo of working application build with Flatlogic Platform with CRUD functions, back-end and database created with help of Flatlogic platform literally in minutes.

Trusted by the world's finest brands

Flatlogic products and services are used all over the world, including the following notable companies:

What can you do with Flatlogic

A flexible platform for all modern web development cases

Headless CMS

Web application

Online DB app

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