Scaffold a Web Appication

Easily kickstart a new web application with your preferred stack (React, Vue, Angular, Node.js, Laravel) in minutes by defining database schema. You get the codebase of a production-ready full-stack web app and save at least 250 hours of work!

Why Flatlogic Javascript Scaffold


Reduce time to market


Quick prototype


Focus on business logic


Learn the best design and coding patterns


Get code that really works


Partner Development


Quickly set up skeleton for an app. Flatlogic gives you (fast, simplified, temporary) structure for your project, on which you can rely to build the real project.

Partner Development

Deploy created code

With Flatlogic Platform's configured CI/CD, logs, and deployment history, you can host the app instantaneously.

Partner Development

Full-stack application with API docs

The generated application is a complete full-stack application, with front-end, back-end and a database. API docs automatically generated using Swagger.

Partner Development

Built-in version control and Docker support

You can push generated code to GIT repository out of the Flatlogic interface, create new business logic without conflicts. The app created with Flatlogic is fully containerized. It is easy to deploy in multiple environments.

Partner Development

Authentication, Forms, Lists, Filters and Search Modules

Built-in authentication, with sign-in, sign-up, password change, password recovery, and email confirmation. Each entity that you created has its own prebuilt Forms, Filters and Search.

Partner Development

UI for creating database schema

Create application how you need it using UI. Custom tables, relation to one/many, data types and other great features to model you app.

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