Launch Your Content-Rich Platform Faster with Flatlogic Headless CMS

Create your own headless CMS on your preferred stack with Flatlogic Platform in minutes


Shorten time to deploy

Build your CMS in hours instead of months


Deliver content anywhere

You don’t need to be locked to one place of delivering content. With the content as data you can connect your headless CMS built by Flatlogic anywhere


Instant hosting

You can host the app instantly with Flatlogic Platform with configured CI/CD, logs and deployment history


Version control

Push created code of CMS to Github. Track changes made by the team.

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What is headless CMS good for?

6 Benefits of Headless CMS


Benefit 1: Auto generated API

The Flatlogic platform generates a REST API based on the database schema that has been developed. You may use API to manage your app using CRUD operations. As long as they speak HTTP, you may connect your services, frontends, apps, scripts, or devices to the app APIs established with Flatlogic Platform.


Benefit 2: Customization

With Flatlogic, youʼll never be limited by what comes out of the box. With a single click, you may push the code to Github, modify it, and deploy it to the Flatlogic Platform.


Benefit 3: Version control

Flatlogic platform has out of the box Github integration. Every change in the database schema follows with push to your repository with source code of you app. Revert back in case of any issue.


Benefit 4: Choose your favorite technology

You can create CMS using React, Vue, Angular, Node.js or Laravel. Flatlogic platform supports creating database on MySQL or PostgreSQL.


Benefit 5: Easily create content models

Define and change content/database schema using built-in UI.


Benefit 6: Built-in Authentication, Forms, Search

Developing an authentication system, integrating validation libraries, and creating unique search engines are all simple tasks with Flatlogic. Our platform will do it for you.

Why should you go headless?

Easily create, edit and publish content anytime


Sort, Filter and Search

Built-in sorting, filtering and searching. Manage your content with ease.


Custom content management

Create any type of category, format of content. Adapt it to your needs.


Flexible interface

Create CMS using 5 options of user friendly interface.



Link content types between each other. You can link articles to authors, categories, tags etc.


Roles and permissions

Define who can manage content in your system.



You need basic tech background to create your CMS. No manual deployment required - host it in minutes.

What will you get by choosing Flatlogicʼs Headless CMS Solution?

  • You will get Rapid Deployment:
    You can build your Headless CMS in a matter of hours, significantly shortening the time to deployment compared to traditional methods​​.
  • You will get Instant Hosting:
    The Flatlogic Platform offers instant hosting capabilities, complete with configured CI/CD, logs, and deployment history​​.
  • You will get Auto-Generated API:
    The platform automatically generates a REST API based on the developed database schema, facilitating CRUD operations and connectivity with various services and devices​​.

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