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How to Choose the Best React Drag and Drop? Top 15 Free Libraries to Set Up

The drag and drop module lets you transfer the items between drag handlers, tables and lists, touch devices, animations, previews, and placeholders, thus resolving the simple but still integral step that allows you to ‘take an object’ and drag it to another location.

by Katarina Harbuzava • 7 min read

React Native vs. Flutter: The Key Differences Every Mobile App Developer Should Know in 2021 [Guide for Beginners]

UI Frameworks Intro  What is React Native? What is Flutter? What is Trending? Table of comparison React Native and Flutter Similarities  Criteria of evaluation: Performance Code organization Documentation Development time...

by Katarina Harbuzava • 15 min read

Javascript Tabs: Save Space! Examples of Tabbed Widgets

It seems that tabs are taken for granted, as an essential UI component of the site, that don’t really deserve close attention. But, thanks to tabs which resolve the question...

by Katarina Harbuzava • 12 min read

12+ React Boilerplates & Starter Kits for Developers in 2021

We've decided to dig deeper into ReactJS, because this library has confidently taken its place in front-end development, and among the market of libraries.

by Katarina Harbuzava • 10 min read

37 Simple and Useful Table Templates & Examples for Web Developers

Building a website is a complex process that requires patience, skill, and time. But, if you put in effort and passion to do a good job, the end result will...

by Katarina Harbuzava • 17 min read

Top 20+ Bootstrap Dashboard Templates to Use Absolutely Free

Bootstrap, earlier known as Twitter Blueprint, needs no introduction because it's a well-known web development framework on GitHub. To find your best fit for an admin dashboard template for free doesn't seem like a complex task, cause Bootstrap has CSS-and JavaScript-based

by Katarina Harbuzava • 12 min read

12+ Best Visual Studio Alternatives

Visual Studio is, without a doubt, one of the most used and most famous integrated development environments in the known universe. But being the most famous doesn’t necessarily mean, that it fits your needs.

by Katarina Harbuzava • 7 min read

What Is React Template? React Template Definition

What is React Template? React templates are sets of ready-to-use parts of code built using React technology for the development of dynamic user interfaces. React templates may contain full-fledged pages with...

by Katarina Harbuzava • 14 min read

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