Bootstrap is a well-known front-end framework that offers a consistent and dependable base for developing responsive, mobile-first web apps. It’s no surprise that Bootstrap has become a go-to choice for developers all around the world, with its emphasis on accessibility, ease of use, and customizable components. If you want to construct a dashboard for your next project, you should think about using a Bootstrap template. These templates offer a pre-designed layout that can be tailored to your exact requirements, saving you time and effort during the development process.

We’ll look at 20+ of the top free and premium Bootstrap dashboard templates to consider in 2024 in this article. You’re developing a simple project management tool or a large data visualization platform.
Exploring top Bootstrap dashboard templates is crucial for developers creating anything from simple project management tools to complex data visualization platforms, offering versatile options to enhance the functionality and design of business software.

Bootstrap, earlier known as Twitter Blueprint, is still a widely used framework, that needs no introduction. We currently have its fifth version, Bootstrap 5, which works fine on all popular browsers and platforms. Finding your best fit for an admin dashboard template for free doesn’t seem like a complex task, because Bootstrap has CSS- and JavaScript-based design templates with a variety of UI components that are widely used in web app development. Despite the oversaturated market, Bootstrap themes and templates remain one of the most sought-after products among front-end developers. Bootstrap framework is used by 26.9% of all the websites; among them such valued brands as,,, and 2024 Research

Free Admin dashboard templates strong suits

What are the indisputable components of a powerful admin dashboard template? How do you choose your optimal platform for better work and high performance? We’ve defined a list of fundamental principles of a good admin template:

  • UX design quality 

Understanding the hierarchy of elements is fundamental in designing interfaces for business software, where the balance between emotional appeal and rational function guides users intuitively, fulfilling both customer and commercial objectives effectively. The structure of the components on the page, plenty of space, the contrast in colors for easy text comprehension, and some decent logic will hint to the customer to intuitively make this or that action on the page. A good design is a design that evokes emotion, nevertheless B2B or B2C design should be both emotional and rational. Visual hierarchy is the key that leads the user through the site satisfying their customer needs and your commercial ones.

  • Suitable front-end framework

It’s up to you to decide which technology fits your best: trendy React or familiar Bootstrap or Node. But we’d go on the framework with which you feel most confident.

  • Update ability

Any admin template should have frequent updates. An up-to-date theme will be more secure and will benefit from any new features.

  • Number of custom features and additional pages (e.g., profile page, inbox page, etc.)

An admin template may be filled with some unique features that make it stand out from the crowd.

  • Reasonable price

Good admin templates can be priced higher without sacrificing customer interest in them, while bad admin templates can’t be.

Bootstrap framework benefits

If you are unsure what technology to choose for building your website, Bootstrap has some clear benefits for your multiple possibilities. Flexible in development, the front-end framework has numerous HTML and CSS templates, validation styles to state warnings, and last but not least it supports various JavaScript extensions. Websites built using Bootstrap technology will display the same in all modern browsers. Bootstrap is the real way to build your site and mobile app fast since designing all of the front-end pages from scratch will be a pricey and time-consuming challenge, to say the least.

Thanks to its clear code, Bootstrap can be quickly learned by a novice. Bootstrap is a proven and self-sufficient way to save time developing your web application and make the UX design quick. Bootstrap is a modular framework. Its real advantage is a huge number of ready-made well-designed components and a series of LESS files. The ability to customize templates for your project is achieved by changing the SCSS variables, and the low threshold of entry; to work with the framework you don’t need to be a genius of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.

web development frameworks

Top Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboards for 2022

We have gathered a list of the most attractive admin dashboards for you to choose from. Build your website effortlessly and in record time with free Bootstrap admin templates.

Sing App HTML5

bootstrap template via flatlogic

Sing App HTML5 is a premium dashboard for your grand eCommerce plans, promo deals, mobile apps, or email marketing automation. Rather restrained in colors, though full of useful widgets, chart libraries, gallery, and timeline, Sing App HTML5 is perfect as a platform for your application’s backend, project management systems, or any SAAS projects. Painted in a Prussian blue background, the chiseled typography of the theme adds formality and decisiveness to your business management. Sing App HTML5 Lite is a fully responsive admin template built on Bootstrap 4 and vanilla Javascript. One of the definite advantages of Sing App HTML5 is data visualization through dozens of charts like flor charts, Morriss charts, rickshaw charts, and sparkline charts.


Flatlogic One Bootstrap

flatlogic one bootstrap template

Flatlogic One Bootstrap theme is a brand new template for the family of Flatlogic dashboard templates. Conceived as a helper in building deep analytics and data table applications, Flatlogic One has a bunch of integral dashboards to check average order value, conversion rate, upsell take rate, number of returns, and more. Its cheerful colors and pleasing-to-the-eye UI interface are very intuitive and ready to use for CMS, SAAS, IoT Dashboard, eCommerce apps, and others.


Soft UI Dashboard

Soft UI dashboard

Soft UI Dashboard is a Bootstrap 5 template that you can use to visualize data for any online business. Its design combines gradients, bold colors, and realistic textures to create a modern and innovative look. The template comes with many prebuilt design blocks that allow you to choose and combine to build your customized admin panel. The Soft UI Dashboard includes 70 components like buttons, inputs, navbars, nav tabs, cards or alerts, and a set of 7 prebuilt example pages (Dashboard, Tables, Billing, RTL, Profile, Sign I,n and Sign Up). The template isMIT-licensedd, fully responsive, and free to download with complete documentation.



core ui template

CoreUI admin template is a multipurpose free Bootstrap admin template that stands on Angular, ReactJS, and VueJS web frameworks. CoreUI offers 6 versions of free admin dashboard templates constructed on Bootstrap, React.js, Angular, Vue.js, Laravel, and Vue.js + Laravel. CoreUI was designed byPolishh web developer Łukasz Holeczek in a super clean style. Plus, for lovers of beautifully made pics and symbols, CoreUI offers 1000+ cool icons for common actions and items.



argon template

Argon Dashboard is a dashboard template that offers a vast range of components made with the help of Bootstrap 5. Among its top features that make Argon unique are a drop-down menu, a call-to-action button, and progress bars, made with different colors, styles, and hovers. Moreover, Argon Dashboard has a sparking design with detailed documentation. Argon employs the Sass processor, offers one default dashboard, and contains 5 pre-built plugins that you can customize according to your needs.


Material Dashboard Dark Edition

material admin dashboard

Inspired by Google Material Design, Creative-Tim launched its admin template for lovers of dark colors and dark themes. The material dashboard is rich in component, and has about 37000 downloads and about 200 positive reviews from customers all over the world. This is a free admin dashboard that comes with 5 color filter choices for both the sidebar and the card headers (blue, green, orange, red, and purple), plus an option to have a background image on the sidebar.



kapella bootstrap admin template

One of the most extraordinary examples on our list is the free Bootstrap 4 framework admin template, named Kapella. The structure of elements and widgets of this free template differs from the rest of the admin dashboards because of its horizontal navigation bar with a bunch of necessary functionalities like dashboard UI elements, form elements, charts and tables, and sample pages. This free website template has an excellent collection of handy tools and essential components to use. The mint shade of typography and sans-serif typefacemakes the whole design look fresh and attractive.



purple admin template

Purple Bootstrap admin template is your best choice if your project demands a free, bright,t and vibrant set of admin pages. The dashboard UI elements have been designed to be a good fit for the design of elegant web apps. Whether you’re designing the dashboard for your latest web app or software program, Purple focuses on the visual impression to provide an engaging user experience. This dashboard is well-suited for eCommerce projects, CRM, and any other custom admin panels.


Star Admin

star admin bootstrap template

Star Admin is a bootstrap admin template made in juicy ultramarine blue. Star Admin has a full kit of representative dashboards like impressions, conversions, and downloads, but is not burdened with extra components. All the basic UI elements clear form elements, and well-written code are the distinct advantages of this trendy open-source dashboard. StarAdmin is primarily a dashboard template for keeping track of conversion rates and analyzing real-time sales. The custom plugins are also carefully customized to fit with the overall look of the theme, working seamlessly on desktops as well as tablets and phones. 


Black Dashboard by Creative Tim

Black bootstrap dashboard template free


As the name implies, the Black Dashboard is a template withae dark-themed interface. It comes with three customized plugins, 16 hand-crafted elements, and 7 example pages. This doesn’t sound like much. But every element is easily customizable. Making changes to SASS files is as easy as it gets, and can offer you numerous new combinations of styles, colors, fonts, and other things that don’t affect performance much but change the user experience greatly.

The Black Dashboard runs smoothly even with significant information loads, especially for a free solution. Itss customizable nature means it can be not only black but light as well if that’s what you want. Either version looks awesome. Give the Black Dashboard a try!

Modular admin

bootstrap template modular

A modular admin dashboard is a Bootstrap 4 admin template that boasts a clear and simple design, is easily scalable, andis fully customizable in use. Modular admin is a neatly arrangedopen-sourcee dashboard theme with lots of useful widgets like stats, history of visits, sales items, sales breakdown pie-chart, sales by countries, task lists, and more. All the UI elements like icons, cards, and buttons, are carefully drawn and highlighted in vivid colors. This admin template provides real-time insights into the sales activity simplifying inventory management. It’s easy to modify and maintain.



concept bootstrap template

Concept is an free admin template built on the Bootstrap framework with a perfectly responsive web design.The conceptt provides within easy reach all the essential components for building an admin panel for web applications. The Concept dashboard has been designed as a stylish tool for developing projects in sales, finance, eCommerce, and influencer project management. The Concept features a huge collection of reusable code snippets and utilities, invoicing, timeline, calendar, media objects, and all clean code along with in-depth documentation.


Admin Kit

admin kit bootstrap template

Admin Kit is a free and open-source Bootstrap 5 Web UI Kit & Dashboard template with highly detailed pages, tools and components, plugins, and add-ons. A fully responsive system, clean code, constant improvements, and regular updates are provided. Admin Kit is a super fit for an administrator dashboard or SaaS-based interface. Fabulously elegant design, nice functionality, and a wide range of widgets inside like neatly arranged invoicing help to run your site work processes smoothly and quickly. Additional components like calendars, tasks, or notifications are available in the PRO version of the template.


SB Admin 2

sb admin bootstrap template

SB Admin 2 template has a casual appearance and is highly intuitive to use due to its fresh and clean UI design. Its strong side is in utility classes: the structures like animations, borders, and colors, that contain reusable and stateless helper methods. And what’s more, this free dashboard has an advanced workflow environment based on npm and Gulp with live reloading viabrowser-syncc. Desktop, tablet, and mobile versions are also available and supported.



stisla admin template

Stisla is a 100% open-source product by Indonesian developers that has more than 30 third-party libraries. Stisla looks fresh and modern in its light purple shades and will be a perfect fit for your dashboard UI design to capture the admins’ hearts. It isana HTML5 admin template, and each Stisla component/element/kit has its SCSS & JS file. Order statistics, general balance, budget vs. sales widgets, top 5 popular products that will ease your sales, and eCommerce management.


Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite

ample admin template

Ample Admin is a nifty admin template dashboard by Wrappixel for building web and mobile apps. If you love a minimalistic design, this transparent dashboard will work for your eCommerce or sales web app solution. It’s easy to customize,and the platform with solid icons can be updated to the PRO version with 1600+ page templates, unlimited color schemes, 7 unique demos, and 6 months of premium support. 



dashio template

Dashio is another fully free admin dashboard template suitable for web apps for various purposes. Depending on your needs, the Dashio admin template may be used for CRM and CMS projects, or project management systems. It loads fast, is highly responsive,e and has a variety of useful widgets for better data analysis. Besides the basic extra pages like a log screen, pricing table, and FAQ, Dashio provides advanced cards for eCommerce, analytics, statistics, weather widgets, Mail, and a chat room. Dashio admin dashboard has straightforward code and works well with all popular devices including mobile. 



majestic dashboard

The design of the Majestic free admin dashboard is remarkably simple, but super customizable and responsive due to the technologies of CSS framework, Bootstrap,4, and scripting in Sass. This dashboard is a good choice for newbies in web development thanks to its well-managed code inside the box and firmly established documentation. We personally like its consistent design for all kinds of up-to-date web apps. Plus, it works super fast on all popular devices.



architect ui dashboard

ArchitectUI is an HTML-free dashboard template with a scalable design system that makes website management a fairly simple process. It’s built on top of Bootstrap 4.2.1 and updates with newly developed data regularly. If you need a free and straightforward platform Bootstrap admin dashboard template, the ArchitectUI dashboard could become your best solution.


Cool admin

cool admin

Cool admin is a visually appealing personal website with a responsive layout and a sleek design of its widgets. The dashboard includes a basic kit of snippets and utilities, custom pages, map data board variations, and a collection of apps and clear chart widgets, which makes CoolAdminn a good statistical tool. The theme is free of charge with all the features required for Bootstrap.




Adminator is an open-source admin panel designed with a truly beautiful layout by Colorlib. Free admin dashboard specifications are taken as a basis for HTML, HTML5, and CSS Templates. It is super simple and intuitive to use. Adminator helps to analyze the data percentage of total visits, page views, unique visitors, and even the bounce rate of the site. Adminator has a list of standard components like the main dashboard, email, calendar, chat, charts, forms, UI elements, tables, maps, pages, multiple levels, and a perfect scrollbar. They can all be adjusted by web developers to your business needs and you are all set!  


Chameleon Admin Bootstrap Template

chameleon admin template

Chameleon Admin Lite is an open-source dashboard with organized code powered by HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 4, SASS, and Gulp. In the Chameleon package, you get an admin template that comes with a starter kit of well-organized layers, nicely drawn stats widgets, free fonts, and icons that will help developers get started quickly. Chameleon admin panel is an SEO-ready template with secured & optimized code.


Sneat Free Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template 

Sneat Free Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template  – is the most developer-friendly 🤘🏻 & highly customizable✨ template based on Bootstrap 5. If you’re a developer looking for a Bootstrap 5 Admin Template enriched with features and a highly customizable look no further than Sneat🤩 . Besides, the highest industry standards are considered to bring you the very best free bootstrap admin template that is not just fast🚀and easy to use, but highly scalable. Offering ultimate convenience and flexibility, you’ll be able to build whatever application you want without any hassle.

Furthermore, you can use this one of the best Bootstrap admin templates to create eye-catching, high-quality, and high-performing single-page applications. Besides, your apps will be completely responsive, ensuring they’ll look stunning and function flawlessly on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.


  • Based on Bootstrap 5
  • Vertical layout
  • Dashboard
  • 1 Chart library
  • SASS Powered
  • Authentication Pages
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Organized Folder Structure
  • Clean & Commented Code


Some Proven Tips to Build an Awesome Admin Page

  1. Choose UI elements specifically tailored for a particular web app;
  2. Use minimalist design. Despite the variety of elements in the admin panel, it should be easy to use;
  3. Make logical structure and use icons to improve navigation;
  4. Assign clear roles to every user;
  5. Add tasks, calendars, and email clients to make teamwork much easier;
  6. Translate your web page targeting audiences all over the world;
  7. Make sure your site loads fast on both mobile and desktop versions;
  8. Make your admin page compatible with all browsers and devices, without exception.


Creating your web applications with Flatlogic

At Flatlogic, our goal is to speed up your web. You’ll find plenty of options in our catalog, based on a variety of frameworks and languages, and fitting various use cases. Alternatively, you can go to and tailor your web app with our block constructor. This option lets you tailor custom solutions without the custom price. Each choice you make is either intuitive or understandable with minimal research. To give it a try, go to Flatlogic Platform and create a trial app for free!

How does it work?

There is a term CRUD in web dev which stands for Create, Read, Updat,e, and Delete. Those actions sum up the core functionality of just about any web app. If you think about it, every action an end-user takes leads to one of the four actions performed ‘behind the curtains’. We followed a similar approach when developing the Flatlogic Platform. Flatlogic Platform takes headless CMS development and strips it down to a few choices.

#1: Choose the Name

This part is simple by any standard. You pick a name that is easy for you to associate with the project.

Flatlogic Platform: Naming your project and picking the Tech Stack

#2: Select Web App Stack

‘Web App Stack’ might sound like just a list of words if you’re a beginner. The application’s stack is the array of technologies used in different parts of the application. The parts are the database, admin panel, and the back-end that makes everything work together. Choosing those is intuitive for experienced web developers. For everyone else, a quick Google research will suffice.

#3: Select Design

Flatlogic Platform: Choosing the design

Usually, choosing the admin template’s design boils down to personal taste. However, different design options can be based on different technologies. Admin panels and design patterns based on different frameworks are still compatible, we saw to that. Still, going with higher uniformity reduces the chance of any compatibility issues in the future.

#4: Build Schema

Flatlogic Platform: Building a schema

We chose the underlying technology of your database in step 2. Now it’s time to deal with the schema. A database’s schema is the structure of the database. It defines lines, columns, names, data types, and how they affect each other. If you’re unsure or short on time, the Flatlogic platform has ready schemas for you to try.

#5: Review and Generate

Flatlogic Platform: Review and generate

All the choices have been made. Review them, make sure they suit your needs,s and press the Create Project button. After a brief compilation, Flatlogic will offer to check your app. Use it, push it to GitHub, and host it in one click without using outside services.

Wrap Up

Creating a functional and convenient admin template will improve your business processes, enhancing the relationship between the app and the customer. Build your web app or website faster with pre-built Bootstrap admin templates and a bunch of exciting widgets to analyze the data visually. Design better UX and have higher conversions. Keep your web development simple and focused with a list of these Bootstrap templates free and adaptable, supported on all desktop computers and modern mobile phones.

About Flatlogic

At Flatlogic, we help businesses speed up web development with our beautifully designed web & mobile application templates built with React, Vue, Angular, React Native, and Bootstrap. Over the last several years we have successfully delivered more than 100 custom dashboards and data management solutions to various clients starting from innovative startups to established and respected enterprises.

Flatlogic is a kind of synonym for perfection. Web development is our passion. We love beautiful things that work well. We love processes that run smoothly. We are obsessed with user experience while using Flatlogic admin templates because it’s about helping and helping people build their workflow consistently and efficiently. We strive to make your workflow efficient, coz the speed of life doesn’t always let you have everything going right on track. But we keep going and stay stylish, organized, and inspired.

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