Sing App with a new free Lite version is available for download on a Github.

It has a very clean, innovative and beautiful look with a focus on functionality. We added new UI-components, new examples for each chart library and handlebars partials.

You can view the demo here.

Using this template you will be able to leverage lots of built-in components and thus focus on building features that set you apart from competitors rather than building everything from scratch. Lite version of a Sing-app includes following features and pages:

  • Bootstrap 4+ & SCSS
  • Responsive layout
  • Styled Bootstrap components like buttons, modals, etc
  • Dashboard sample
  • Typography
  • Tables
  • Notifications
  • Base charts
  • Icons
  • Maps
  • Hover sidebar

All other features like login, additional pages, etc are available in full version.

Building a project from scratch means that there is a lot of things to keep track of all at once: analytics, dynamic forms data, UI and UX elements, and much more. This simple admin template is well suited for web apps or any other website or project that requires an admin dashboard. This template will serve as a solid foundation for your upcoming project and will save you a lot of time and, hence, money.