There is a huge number of admin dashboard templates on the internet and a significant number of free ones to download. They usually include such kinds of things as graph/chart libraries, dashboard pages, alert box buttons, navigation schemes, icons, tables, and so on. We will try to find the best suitable UI (user interface) toolkit for your project. All of the admin dashboard templates listed here include at least one dashboard page that was pre-built in a template. It can be customized for your project. If you decide to create your custom dashboard, you have different options in the template packs such as a combination of components, UI elements, and cards. So how can you choose the best admin template for a project? For sure one of the most important things for an admin template is to put data and content first in the visual design hierarchy. E.g., your first attention is content, not design. However, we have made analyses not only of the design but also what are the versions, how many unique pages, in fact, the project has, how often it is updated, and of course the price. Here is some basic information about the most popular admin templates available on the market. It contains such columns as versions, unique pages, price, Bootstrap version, and of course a rating, based on mentioned characteristics. Please note that it’s just our opinion. Nevertheless, it’s based on solid facts. For example, using Bootstrap 4 is definitely a plus. 4th version is much ahead of its predecessor. It’s better for you to use it on your projects because it is essential to keep up to date and use only the latest, high-quality, and relevant tools when developing your product. That proves that you will never face security issues for example.

Flatlogic One Bootstrap Template

Flatlogic One is built with Bootstrap 4.5 and contains a lot of customizable components. The template is beautifully designed. There are four color themes to choose from. By the way, the developer’s team has created unique Flatlogic Typography and Flatlogic Icons. This dashboard is fully responsive because it is well-matched with any device. Developers have filled this template with so many useful things, such as various charts (Amcharts, Echarts, Apexcharts), Google Maps, analytics, visits dashboards, chat, and email opportunities, and much more. Flatlogic One is documented and fully supported. It’s compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, IE 10, IE 11.

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Sing App

SingApp Admin Dashboard screenshot screenshot Sing App is a  Bootstrap 4 based admin template with an excellent fresh and clean design. It has static HTML, REACT, AngularJS, and Angular 5 versions. Sing contains more than 30 pages. Sing is stunning while at the same time advanced. With this admin template, you will manage to develop your web application much more effectively which will definitely make your lives simpler. 100% Responsive layout. Sing is a perfect choice both for a small startup and an established enterprise.  It is compatible with Bootstrap 4 and is updated regularly. A reasonable price would be an additional plus for this project. MORE INFO DEMO DOCUMENTATION


Skydash bootstrap template

Skydash is a brand new admin dashboard from BootstrapDash. It has been designed and developed by closely working with one of the best UI/UX agencies in India. You can be assured you are getting a premium template. It offers a clean user interface that can be easily modified to fit your needs. Skydash offers you 4 different types of dashboard layouts, including ones with vertical and horizontal navbars. You can either use the default light theme or the dark theme. Check out the website to know more about Skydash.



SmartAdmin Admin Dashboard screenshot screenshot SmartAdmin is a  Bootstrap 3 based admin template with great features and characteristics. It has static HTML, AJAX, PHP, AngularJS 4.0, Ruby On Rails, ReactJS and ASP.NET version. It contains more than 30 pages including an impressionistic landing page. 100% Responsive layout (tablets, desktops, mobile devices) and modern and clean design. Unfortunately, it compatible only with Bootstrap 3 and updates, in general, are not very often. MORE INFO DEMO


Inspinia Admin Dashboard screenshot screenshot Designed and developed professionally, Inspinia is based on Bootstrap 3. Out of the box, you get four version: AJAX + HTML + ANGULAR + ANGULAR 5 Version. This admin template with pixel perfect design and a fully responsive layout has more than 70 pages. Thanks to its multi-purposefulness you can use Inspinia for many web projects. The last update was practically a year ago, so this could be a HUGE minus for this project. MORE INFO DEMO


Metronic Admin Dashboard screenshot screenshot Metronic is an admin template with 70+ pages, based on Bootstrap 4. It has  HTML + ANGULAR + ANGULAR 5 Version. This admin template with innovative design can absolutely improve your web application. Flat design is assuring great quality and modern look. And this experience will be friendly towards mobile device users, given that this admin template is entirely responsive. Metronic is updated approximately once a month in general. MORE INFO DEMO

Light Blue

Light Blue Admin Dashboard screenshot This dashboard is Bootstrap 4 based and contains more than 30 pages. Fully responsive and has a modern, simple but smooth look. It is a multi-functional admin template with a responsive and flexible design, adapting smoothly to any device. It updates practically every one or two weeks. This is definitely a simple non-intrusive template. This app template uses Server Side Rendering for SEO and Node.js backend to speed up your development process. MORE INFO DEMO DOCUMENTATION

Color Admin

Color Admin Dashboard screenshot Color Admin comes with plenty of elements which you can tailor to your needs and requests. Bootstrap 4 based admin template including AJAX + HTML + ANGULAR + ANGULAR 5 Version. 100 unique pages is a big plus. No matter how complex you would like your admin to be Color Admin template is here to take care of your needs. It has a strong focus on user interfaces and web applications. It’s updating once in a 2 month. MORE INFO DEMO


Unify Admin Dashboard screenshot Unify is a template with huge  250+ shortcode pages which have over 1750 reusable UI Components. Based on Bootstrap 4 it has AJAX + HTML + ANGULAR + ANGULAR 5 Version. The quickness of customization and the combo of available elements allow you to create the exact layouts you need. Unify has a modern web design and comes handy for many different web projects you are working on. It regularly updates so this could be a great plus for this template. MORE INFO DEMO To summarize, admin dashboard templates are great tools to check on your progress, statistics, productivity, and staff. A professionally crafted admin dashboard with lots of pages and elements can take your company to a higher level. So it is extremely important to choose it carefully. A good template always should be the reflection of reliability and professionalism. We will be helpful if you support us on Twitter (if it’s still alive), LinkedIn, Facebook, and ProductHunt!

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