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Alesia Sirotka

Technical writer

Alesia has graduated from the Physics Faculty and has a degree in nuclear physics. She is an achiever, who always sets goals and keeps her brain focused. Now Alesia is working hard to sharpen her technical skills. She also likes to spend her free time doing sports, cooking delicious cheesecakes, and travelling. She has already visited 15 countries! Alesia loves Star Wars and has a dog that looks like Chewbacca.

How to Create Admin Panel Application [Tutorial]

Admin Panels are a set of web pages created using HTML, CSS, and Javascript or any Javascript libraries to develop the user interface of a backend of a web application. As well, they integrated into the web application to perform tasks such as maintaining the website, managing users and content, installing and configuring website software, and tracking data such as network traffic and user visits to improve website performance.

by Alesia Sirotka • 5 min read

10+ Top User Management Templates

With effective user management, organizations can ensure compliance with user-based licenses so that various software products can be used to their fullest extent. User management can also help organizations save money on various software licenses by listing the number of installations/activations remaining for a given software and eliminating the need for repeat purchases.

by Alesia Sirotka • 5 min read

10+ Best Vue Starter Kits and Boilerplates

Boilerplates provide a great way to get a project up and running rapidly by focusing on what's most important to you. Boilerplates combined with reusable components accelerate development processes and, often, improve the code and simplify maintenance.

by Alesia Sirotka • 5 min read

10+ Best React Codebase Generators

It’s quite easy to generate code, and you probably already do it. There is some type of template system included in practically all contemporary web application frameworks. Thanks to codebase...

by Alesia Sirotka • 5 min read

What is the difference between Low Code & No Code

The development industry has an obvious use for low-code and no-code platforms. To accommodate a variety of developers inside an organization, search for a low-code development platform that offers specialized tools, integrated collaboration, and a cloud-native architecture.

by Alesia Sirotka • 5 min read

Top SaaS App Boilerplates

SaaS Boilerplates allow technical managers, start-up founders, and developers by focusing on what makes their product unique, instead of implementing things like authentication subscriptions and other generic features.

by Alesia Sirotka • 5 min read

Introducing Template Widgets for Flatlogic Platform

Introducing Template Widgets for the Flatlogic full-stack web application generator.

by Alesia Sirotka • 5 min read

What is the rapid development model?

James Martin introduced RAD as an alternative to hard waterfall techniques in 1991. Construction and many other businesses where changes in project scope are expensive and uncommon benefit greatly from the traditional waterfall methodology. It is improbable that a bridge will be replaced with a ferry midway through construction.

by Alesia Sirotka • 5 min read

Top 10+ most dead-easy ways to make a web app

There are several aspects and variables that might affect your choice when it comes to designing web apps without using code, and eventually, your wants and objectives will determine who the best web application developer is. In this article, we will show you the most popular web application generators.

by Alesia Sirotka • 5 min read

10+ Best code generation tools [Solutions Guide]

We'd like to share with you some not so well-known, but valuable code-generation tools in this article.

by Alesia Sirotka • 5 min read

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