We’re happy to announce that we released the new case study – Goaltivity!

Goaltivity is a goal-setting and achievement US-based mobile application, that has officially launched to help people reach their goals. The app helps users create actionable plans, set milestones, and track progress. It also provides resources, motivation, and analytics to help users understand their progress and make informed decisions. 

The Goaltivity MVP is designed to pair users with a like-minded accountability group to dramatically boost goal achievement, built-in timelines to help keep users on track, and measurement of progress that will allow users to keep momentum to goal completion. The app is built with React Native and is available across multiple devices via Android and IOS. It is also built with Flatlogic Full-Stack Generator which helped to build a React Native application rapidly with secure authentication and authorization, a CRUD admin panel for a user account, group, and chat management, as well as a scalable architecture for high performance. Furthermore, users have access to a chat feature to facilitate communication and collaboration, and debugging and testing resources can ensure bug-free development

More information about Goaltivity you can find here.