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React Native Starter

This topic contains questions and answers related to React Native Starter Mobile Template - mobile application template with tons of ready-made components and features. There is currently also free versions available. If you have trouble launching React Native Starter Mobile Template or have any feedback feel free to raise a question - this place is the fastest way to receive a response from our team or community.

Sketch files and Github access

Hi I purchased the React Native Starter Personal license for $99 but never received the Sketch files. I believe I'm also supposed to get access to the Github repo for RNS Full for 3 months but I...

Unable to launch the project on Windows. It's working fine on Mac.

I followed the instructions given in the documentation: https://docs.reactnativestarter.com. I'm getting the below error while launching on windows. Please help. info Launching emulator... er...

Yarn install dependencies out of date. Paid $99

This starter needs too much work. The dependecies are out of date. Updating causing problems. Simulator versions for IOS have to be updated. Bash theme selection doesnt work React native error...

Edit MainTabNavigator.js for the bottom menu

hello, i want to show in the bottom menu of the application only home navigation and not everything in the tabNavigationData file, whenever i add something in tabNavigationData.js it shows also in ...

How do I get expo to work with this starter kit?

I ran the following commands "yarn add expo" The project ran, but blank screen after that.


Failed to resolve dependency '[email protected]*' (npm exited with non-zero code: 1) PLEASE HELP TO SOLVE THIS ERROR

I did not recieve a .sketch file

I made the $99 purchase and I'm trying to get a .sketch file. The only thing sent to my email was a download link for the react-native start .zip

Support for web? expo?

Hi, Thank you for releasing this amazing starter project!! I'm curious about 2 things: 1) Is this project compatible with react-native-web? We are looking into building our react-native a...

run ios error

No bundle URL present. Make sure you're running a packager server or have included a .jsbundle file in your application bundle. RCTFatal __28-[RCTCxxBridge handleError:]_block_invoke _dispa...

react navigation

this version of react navigation is used?

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