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Here you can browse and ask questions on our react, vue, angular, react native and bootstrap templates and admin dashboards. If you are facing trouble using our templates - feel free to raise your question here. Your participation is highly appreciated!

New forms are not created when schema is adjusted and redeployed

Hi, so I have an unfortunate issue that is affecting my workflow. I was expect that if I add new entities and re-deploy the app that the client forms would be created for the new entities - but it ...

Is the schema editor broken? Not seeing any options to add fields etc.

Hi, I sent an email with a screenshot about what I am experiencing but I got an auto response to send a message via this forum for faster support. The issue I have is I am using my phone (I boug...

I can't tell where the API from the /api url is also pushed to code, is it?

I've been looking at the structure of the code and I'm wondering if the API page for the app is also given in the source code - couldn't tell from looking at the structure of the file structure - c...

Laravel 10

What are the new features in laravel 10?

Fitness Managment Application

I am wanting to createa fitness managment application for personal trainers so that the can keep track of their clients progress while also being able to communicate with them. I want the applicat...

Reliability of hosting

Hi Flatlogic team, is there a resource on where and how you guys handle the hosting of generated sites? I think what I'm asking has to do with using the sites generated for production use - is it ...

Looking to Hire Mobile App Developers

We are looking to hire mobile app developers who can build a custom app for our start-ups. If anyone has suggestions then feel free to let us know.

How to use CRM?

I got to know about CRM from https://www.janbasktraining.com/ website. Since then I want to know how to use a CRM?

How to delete an app or at least release the Premium license attach

My license has N number of license slots. I added one app to this slot and upgraded that app to premium. I tested this template for a while and did not like it. Now I need to discard this app, beca...

Witch Node version ?

Hi witch Node version do we need to use ??

I bought appsumo tier 4 but subscription is empty

First, I bought tier 1 and everything works fine until I bought tier 4 (actually I want to use in different account, but it directs me to same account) and redeem tier 1. Now subscriptions all gone...

Editing Templates - With AI Builder

In the AI Builder, it would be great to have the ability to edit our chosen template (offered by Flatlogic)

Request to AI, make changes via conversation (e.g. β€œchange the color of sidebar to red”)

The feature request revolves around enabling conversational AI interactions, allowing users to make modifications within the application through commands. Specifically, it focuses on the abilit...

Add ready-to-use templates (ERP, CRM, SAAS apps, E-commerce, Resource management)

To accelerate development and enhance the Flatlogic Generator's versatility, we are considering the addition of a suite of ready-to-use templates tailored for diverse business applications such as ...

Need Video Tutorials & Guides - Non Tech Users

As a non-tech user, I want to see more relevant video tutorials or guides across different aspects of the platform. Current YouTube videos are not very helpful but very generic.

Generate app/tempate from image

Transform image into editable designs

Drag and drop builder

Hi, I would like to propose the implementation of a drag and drop builder to build front and back end pages without coding. This will help the folks that are not developers create apps.

How can I use the AI schema generator again?

I found a few small issues with the scheme and wanted to re-run the AI generator for it. I reset the scheme from settings and that worked but the button for "Design with AI" is missing. Is there ...

Customer Facing Websites including fully developed home page

Customer Facing Websites including fully developed home page I'm interested in knowing when Flatlogic will implement the functionality to create public-facing websites. Specifically, I am looking ...

Roadmap: Full-stack Web Application Generator

Hello there! We are planning to continuously upgrade, maintain and support the generator, by adding new features, conducting customer surveys, keeping the codebase up-to-date and everything poss...

Stripe Integration

Stripe integration within the Flatlogic Generator could really streamline the process of adding payment processing to apps. With Stripe's powerful and flexible platform, you'd be able to handle tra...

Draggable cards components

Please add components to create a Kanban board similar to kanbano[dot]co or ReactFlow. The cards should be draggable, sortable and can be assigned to a list.

Please add the feature to generate a public facing homepage

The AI asks questions about a home page (public facing page). Even after proving all the descriptions and the AI acknowledging it, the public/home/landing page doesn't get created. Please include t...

Can I change a deployed project using the AI?

Is there any way to change (or add features) to a current deployed project using the AI chat , or do I have to start over

What can be the best prompt to create a support forum for small business owners

I need to create a support forum for small business owners if i am in the website design niche


I wanna to make a complete accounting and inventory management software for auto spare parts business. How can I proceed and howmuch does it cost me?

I buy a template react-material-admin-full-v2.3.3 but I can't start the instance, will I can do?

I bought the react-material-admin-full-v2.3.3 template, I followed the steps in the Readme, but when I give "yarn start" it throws me an error: yarn run v1.22.19 $ react-scripts start node:int...

Move SMPT configuration to parameters

Make email setup easier by allowing SMTP settings to be changed right in the Flatlogic Generator's parameters. This would make setting up emails for things like password resets and sign-up confir...

Admin dashboard for our system with website for users/clients

Hi, I'm new to this platform and I'm just exploring the entire platform to learn things around because I'm looking for a platform that could help me and my workmates in creating a system for our Lo...

Add Event Calendar- Start/End time date picker not showing time

When you click on add event on calendar and sidebar pops up, you cannot change the time for Start Date and End Date. I looked at code and the Flatpickr seems to have time enabled, but still time is...

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