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Need help undetstanging Light Blue Vue

Is there documentation anywhere that describes the way the template uses Bootstrap for basic layout? I am an intermediate developer, but there are so many libraries used in this template, my head ...

I can run the project by node version

Hi, I'm trying to run the project that I just bought a few minutes ago but, I don't know why I can't run it. I tried to find out the node version required but you'all don't have the engine defined ...

Sing App Angular Template & .NET Core 3

Hi flatlogic support team, I've purchased an additional .NET Core 3, how can I use it for the template.

Support Or Not

Does This Theme Support Datatables?

Powershell Script Works Correctly in Alteryx Designer but not on Alteryx Gallery

I asked this over on the Alteryx forums and unfortunately didn't get any answer. Hopefully someone here with Alteryx/PS experience will know the issue. I have a workflow that runs a batch file with...

Angular Material Admin Full - npm install doesn'nt work

Hello Support, I bought the template "Angular Material Admin .NET Core". The backend works fine but the frontend doesn't work. When I try to install the packages with npm I get the following ...

How do i install laravel backend ? : Vue Material Laravel Template

I think I ran into the same problem as Steppenwulf99. * https://flatlogic.com/forum/threads/how-do-i-install-laravel-backend I have bought the "Vue Material Laravel Template" Where an...

How to install action/auth module

I just got the Light blue react template. I have the latest node version. However, when I run npm install, there are many deprecated packages or modules. I use legacy-peer-deps. However, after i...

i dont know how to fix it

Why you should do it regularly: https://github.com/browserslist/browserslist#browsers-data-updating Browserslist: caniuse-lite is outdated. Please run: npx browserslist@latest --update-db ........

Starting Web App in 2022 discussion

Hello there! If you have any questions, comments, or feedback regarding [Starting Web App in 2022 Research](https://flatlogic.com/starting-web-app-in-2022-research) please leave them here! Le...

Front Deployment in Amplify hosting

We have deployed the front through AWS Amplify, however, the page is not displayed without throwing any explicit error (404) Could you please guide us if we need to do something additional or if...

How do i searh poeple in the table list?

Hy, i have a table with 400 poeple showing as 10 poeple on the page. When i search for someone it is searching only in those 10 poeple in the page. How can modify the search to show me the person...

How do i search poeple in table list?

Hy, i have a table with 400 poeple showing as 10 poeple on the page. When i search for someone it is searching only in those 10 poeple in the page. How can modify the search to show me the person i...

I can't find backend document

Hi I bought Ecommerce React Template, but there is no backend description document, where can i find it ?

Where can i find the documentation to set up this frontend including the backend correctly?

Hey, just bought this "template" including the backend. setting up the frontend isnΒ΄t the problem but setting up the backend i dont know how to in best case. :) Would be very nice if you can tel...

Create APP

i try to create one app, but when i stay in phase 3 and click to create an app, the site starts again from the beggining

Link Form to Sing App React

I have access to both Front End and Back End code. But the form demonstration that was given while purchasing User Management Backend, isn't the same. I am not able to link the User Management Pa...

Not able to perform http requests through template

Every time I try to Execute through the template, I get unauthorized error even though I am already authorized. I have already installed the PostgreSQL DB as per the documentation. The authorizat...

pricing model and technical possibilities for SaaS startups

I want to leverage Flatlogic to develop our startup's webapp, only for frontend. After I finish developing my frontend using FlatLogic, will I be able to get the entire source code to my git repo ...

Github access pointless

How can you sell Github access to a project you are not maintaining. This project has dependency errors and uses components that are no longer available. You should not be charging for a piece of c...

how do i use react & graphql & postgresql in my project?

I want to use React & Graphql & postgresql in my project, can your application be used and able to do this?

Didn't receive the sketch file

Hi, I made the $69 purchase and I'm trying to get a .sketch file. The only thing sent to my email was a download link for the react-native start .zip

How to make new Project from Scratch

How to make new Project from Scratch ? using full version of React Native Starter. Can someone help me? cause when i bought there is no user manual. Thank you before.

Share Dashboards Privately

Hello, I have couple of questions to ask and thank you for your collaboration, 1- Can I share multiple dashboards with many users privately ? I mean 1 dashboard for User 1 with his password a...

Errors on npm install

Hi Support Team, I bought the Sing App React Template and I get the following error when I run the npm install. Could you help me to fix this issue? npm WARN tarball tarball data for bootstra...

Schema how to add a serial number column with auto update after each data in table

How to make a a table with a field Serial Number so that each data entered will be automatically numbered

I git pulled generated admin panel and while running docker I encountered error saying 'no database'

I git pulled generated admin panel and while running docker I encountered error saying 'no database'

How to make Splash Screen

How to make Splash Screen using React Native Starter full license? cause i cannot see example splash screen. Can someone help me? Thank you before

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