Can't Use the React Native Template on my Mac

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I've been having this issue with the template where I'm not able to run it on my iOS Devices, I get the error below.

"No bundle URL present.

Make sure you're running a packager server or have included a .jsbundle file in your application bundle"

I tried to look into how to fix it and it suggest that I should upgrade my react native version, I tried that but it then came with a bunch of new errors that honestly I don't think I should be dealing with. I was wondering if there is a way to get past of the initial error of the "No bundle URL present". I have also notice that the react native server doesn't appear when I start the application so I was wondering if that was a result of something wrong.

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Josephine baker

React Native is a more popular framework for cross-platform app development. This framework is much smoother and more responsive than Cordova. Since React Native uses JavaScript, developers find it more valuable as they don’t have to learn different languages for each platform. Therefore, React native makes it an ideal alternative for native apps.

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You should first determine what type of error you are receiving when installing the template. Ensure that your application bundle contains a .jsbundle file or that a packager server is running. It is recommended that macOS High Sierra (10.13) or higher be used with React Native.

Without using Xcode: In your React Native macOS project directory, run: npx react-native run-macos. Using Xcode: Open macos\test.xcworkspace in Xcode or run xed -b macos; yarn start:macos. Hit the Run button.

Upon opening the Command Prompt window, a React packager and a react-native-macos application will appear. During the first run, this step may take some time since it involves building the entire project and all its dependencies. For assistance, please visit us at Top Mobile App Development Company.

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Shiv Technolabs

Hi @Sri I hope this answer finds you well!

I am not much aware of React Native, as I’m a beginner in React Native development. I suggest you hire React Native developer for assistance. He will be able to resolve your issues in the shortest possible time. I hope this helps.

Thank you.

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