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What’s Better: Custom Websites or Template Websites?

Custom vs template websites—which is better? Click here for the pros and cons, and to find out how to make the best choice for your enterprise.

by Grace Lau • 5 min read

Top Cybersecurity Practices For Digital Startups

There are thousands of digital startups being started every year. But there are potential concerns regarding cybersecurity practices they have.

by Muhammed • 5 min read

How to Build a User Management App?

User management refers to the skill of efficiently controlling access to your program based on roles, hierarchies, and organizational requirements.

by Artsiom Baranouski • 5 min read

How to Write Clean Functions in JavaScript

Being a developer requires you to have a number of skills and extensive knowledge of what you work with. This includes knowing how to code in multiple programming languages, and more specifically, how to write clean code in JavaScript as it is one of the most widely-used coding languages today.

by Artsiom Baranouski • 14 min read

The Most Advanced Tutorial on Sending Emails in Node.js

Since there are several ways to send emails in Node.js, it’s reasonable to dive deeper into your options before sticking to a particular one. So how to proceed with it if you need to use your hosted SMTP server or build an HTML template? Let’s find out.

by Artsiom Baranouski • 5 min read

Vanilla JS vs React.JS: Featured-Based Comparison to Find the Best JavaScript Technology

Most web apps are a little complex - as they work on dynamic functions and features. Besides, developers have a range of options to choose from the frameworks available.

by Artsiom Baranouski • 5 min read

How To Write The Software Development Project Brief

Software development is as in-demand as it could possibly be today. Big and small companies alike (and even independent entrepreneurs) are regularly hiring software developers to create programs, applications, and various online tools. But just like with anything else, software development requires proper planning to create a product successfully. Hence, here’s why you need a software development project brief and how you can write one yourself.

by Frank Hamilton • 7 min read

Submit a Guest Post

The Flatlogic Guest Post Program is specifically designed for experts interested in publishing one or a few posts on

by Alexey Kirpichonak • 5 min read

7 Reasons Why UI Matters In Web Development

In the web development context, UI is literally the website itself. When you access a website, you are accessing a product’s user-interface. Therefore, how you have designed and laid down...

by James Spark • 5 min read

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