The Flatlogic Guest Post Program is specifically designed for experts interested in publishing one or a few posts on

What you get by becoming a Flatlogic guest writer

  • The opportunity to include 3 do follow backlinks
  • Access to hundreds of thousands of our monthly visitors
  • Association with a well-known established brand

⚠️ We don’t accept links to gambling/dating/porn/crypto domains or affiliate links.

How it works

Step 1

Send us links to your previously published articles

Step 2

Get a task for a new post from our editors

Step 3

Write a post and send it to us for review

Step 4

Revise and edit your text (if needed)

Step 5

Wait for publishing

However, we have some rules

  • The content may be based on research, facts, or experience
  • When quoting others, you must cite the source
  • We reserve the right to add affiliate links or advertising in or around a guest post
  • > 2500 words
  • Article titles and subtitles should be built according to the checklist
  • Keywords must be used at least 15-20 times per article, including headings and subheadings
  • An article must include at least 2 images (pictures, infographics, tables, photos, screenshots, etc.) 
  • Every given subheading must be revealed. Changes in subheadings must be agreed with DM/SEO.
  • You can place no more than 3 do-follow backlinks to your sources per article. *We don’t accept links to porn/dating/gambling/crypto sources and related links.
  • Plagiarism checker – (>90%)

Social Media Repost

  1. You need to reshare your article on your social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.) after it is submitted. Create a summary for a post on social networks, mention @flatlogic, and post it. Send us the screenshots of your post within 3 days of posting. If the post is not reposted on your social networks, it will be deleted.
  2. Make sure to use as many available channels as possible to repost your article. If for any reason an article does not meet certain metrics (active time on page, number of users), Flatlogic reserves the right to remove it.
2024 Research
Example of social media post

Article Title Checklist

  • Keep titles about 55-60 characters long
  • Use target keywords in titles
  • Use words like HOW, WHY, WHAT, and WHERE – help people understand what they will find on the page
  • Use words like BEST, TOP, ULTIMATE; GUIDE, REVIEW, TUTORIAL – to entice users to click 
  • Write unique titles, no duplicates!

Article Structure

1. Intro is important

  • Here you identify the core problem, the theme of the article. Then, clarify the solution to the problem which will be shown in the article. There must be a link between “the pain” and “our solution”.
  • The intro must include at least 2 references to authoritative sources that confirm 1) the existence of the problem and 2) the rationale for our proposal to solve it. (links, quotes, research, numbers, etc. – reasons to believe)
  • A brief overview of what the reader will find in the article (a good chance to insert keywords)
  • Please do not write “In my opinion”. Better “According to research” + link to research.

*Please do not write “Some items…”. Better “15+ items”, “More than 22 items..”, “Less than 1,436,000 items…” and so on.

2. Table of contents

*Generated automatically

3. Article Body

  • The essence of the problem and solutions are revealed
  • Examples of successful solutions are given (from our case studies or other sources) – at least 2 (with links)
  • The text has at least 2 links to our theme related blog posts 
  • If it is a “20+ tools…” topic, then it has the following structure:
    • Learn in Chapter 4 “How to describe “20+ tools” topic in a blog post”
  • If it’s a “Scientific Article”
    • The article must have a “digital value” – “5 methods…” “8 best solutions…” and so on ( H2 subheadings) 
    • Segmented into methods/types/etc.
    • Each method or solution is a separate chapter (H3 subheadings).

4. How to describe “20+ tools…” topic in blog post*:

*Blog post in this case is a list of different items (e.g. list of companies, tools, books, places, organizations, courses, etc.)

**ideally, it covers 3 obligatory points + 2-3 additional points 

<h2>Item Title</h2>

1. Item image <img> – obligatory

2. Item description – obligatory

Describe the item in 1-3 paragraphs.


One of the options below is obligatory

Option 1

3.1.1 Item pros:

Describe the item’s pros in 2-4 sentences

3.1.2 Item cons:

Describe the item’s cons in 2-4 sentences

Option 2

3.2 Key features:

  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2
  • Feature 3
  • etc



*Single out the main points of the product/item you’re writing about 

  • Price (e.g. for tools, books, etc)
  • Website/source link
  • Demo link 
  • Size (e.g. for the company, organization, etc)
  • Location (e.g. for the company, organization, etc)
  • Language
  • Author, etc 

5. Conclusion

  • Sum up the idea of the article, make an overview of what was described 
  • Add call-to-action for subscription/consultation / etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I get paid for my writing?

A: We accept guest posts within the Flatlogic Guest Post Program on a non-commercial basis. In return for the contribution, you will get an author bio that includes links to your website and social media profiles and 3 do-follow links.

Q: What should I write about?

A: We write on different tech topics. Our editors will offer you 2-3 themes for your next guest post.

Q: Can I post my articles on my site or other sites?

A: You may post your articles only on your site after the content has been published on for 31 days.

Q: Can I post a teaser or a link to my article on my site?

A: Yes, we encourage you to post a link to your guest post on your website or social media accounts as soon as it is live. As long as it is just an introduction and a link, there is no need to wait for 31 days after publication on

Q: If I submit a guest post, can I get a guarantee that it will be published?

A: We want to publish as many high-quality posts as we can, but we cannot guarantee that we will publish your guest post. We reserve the right to refuse publication of any submitted post that does not meet our guidelines or for any other reason. But if you follow our guidelines carefully, you greatly increase the probability that we will publish it.

Apply to the Flatlogic Guest Post Program via [email protected] Subject “Guest Post Program”